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Default Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

God Veronica!! have a huge heart. I could feel every moment you were talking about. The energy started to swirl around me and I received so much healing just reading your words. God Bless You Dear One. Are you sure that you are gay or is your soul just advanced to the point where you resonate with the goddess energy. To me the goddess energy is more powerful and on this planet it is more spiritual. For the light beings of this planet to do there work they need to be in touch with that energy. For me I need that goddess energy around me in a mate situation so that my vibrational frequency stays where it should be. If I have the male energy (or God energy) around me, which our planet has has basically castrated, my vibrational energy is drained. Did you not notice that allot of people who are metatphysical, both male and female carry allot of goddess energy and they are constantly seeking to mate with someone who carries the same energy so that they can progress further on their path. I think that there will be a new lable soon instead of Gay that decribes these type of beings. Their is nothing wrong with being gay, but I really believe that what we are drawn to (us light workers) has a different lable. I don't know what that is, but it could be...goddess-sensuality-spirituality. I think it is sexuality turned into a higher "spiritual sensuality" that allows souls that are balanced to merge on a higher vibrational plane. In my search, I would have relationships with some women but when I tried to lable myself as gay or bi-sexual, it didn't fit. When I was in a relationship I felt myself constantly shift into people, the people that I had been before. Now, I still shift but I'm finding myself shifting to higher parts of me that are more adrogynous and more balanced. This is not black and white, we are spiritual beings who are adrogynous who can shift to whatever form we need to be to learn. The lable of gay, straight or bi-sexual can no longer apply to light workers, it is not logical anymore. Those lables belong to mainstream people who need to see things in black and white. They need to have everyone in a box so that they can feel in control and know where everyone is. I do believe we as light workers are pushing those boundaries and will no longer allow ourselves to be labled or put into boxes. Even the lesbian community does not allow for bi-sexuality, they get very upset if you will not be in their box. They are part of the mainstream community also. When I met you I saw a balanced spirit, I know that the pressure to lable ourselves so that everyone knows where we stand or where we fit is overwhelming, but I really believe that those lables limit us and does not state the whole picture of who we are. Mating with someone is energy to energy, sometimes that energy is male and then to shifts to female all within the same body. I have seen male/female relationships where both energies are male, does that make them gay? We need new terms. I hope this makes sense. I hope I haven't offended you in anyway. This stuff has been coming to me for awhile. If you want, you can let me know what you think.
Love and Light,

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