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Default Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

Oh Veronica this is so Powerful !!!!!!

You words truly capture the event. I smiled when you wrote that Margo wanted to buy Pete the horse. So do I. I truly love that horse no question about it.

I also noticed the beautiful floral display but what drew my attention the most was the Dall Sheep painting that Shirly had. It was leaning against the bottom of the counter where her cookies were. I thought how absolutely perfect for this meditation. The meaning of the dall sheep is astounding. The basics are.... confidence and support, and seeking new beginnings. The dall sheep also live only in artic and sub artic mountainous regions of Alaska, and the northern and western regions of Canada. Because they live in a specific environment they are not as numerous as many animals.

To take a qote from a the wolf song cards book "Dall sheep survives where others have failed because of supreme confidence in his ability in an environment that can best, be called harsh. Seemingly inaccessible heights, cavernous deeps, and jagged rocks do not deter the Dall Sheep. He relies not only on his self-confidence, but on the supppport of his family and community. The Dall Sheep is both an individual and one of many. He can rely on the herd, and the herd can rely on him." (Wolf song Cards Jeannette Spencer and Lew Hartman)

As I gazed at this painting all the meanings came to me. Here we were small in number like the sheep having the confidence and support of our fellow gatherers yet at the same time being individuals. Some of us had obstacles to face to get here but with determination we had the confidence we would make it. And now here we were a herd of us in the presence of the individual whom inadvertantly brought us together. Shirley independent and confident striving to reach the heights just like the ram. How much more profound can you get. For me this one painting symbolized the meaning of the whole gathering and it's purpose. Incredible.

Like you I also noticed that during the meditation Shirley passed the heart chakra. I was wondering who else noticed this. I for one did not let it pass by. I immediately stopped following her voice and cleansed mine then went back to following. There was no way I could continue the meditation otherwise. I will explain this later.

You also mentioned the left leg falling asleep. I am beginning to wonder if all of us had this. I know Jordie, Deb and Willie had the same thing. With me it was both legs and unlike where your foot or leg falls asleep you can still move it mine went completely dead from the knee down and from the waist down my body was asleep. The pain that shot through my body was searing. So much so that I almost crumbled and was ready to give up. But I thought no this is part of it. When the meditation ended I had to take my hands to move my legs straight. I was surprised to note that the dreaded pins and needles that take place when circulation comes back did not happen. Instantly my legs came back to life and just as quickly the pain left. I asked Willy, Deb and Jordie if they felt the pins and needles and they with surprise in their voice said no. So it would be interesting to see if others had the same.

Well I have to go now. Veronica your posts are both insiteful and poignant. I love reading them and I learn so much from them. Thank you

Laughter, Light and Love
Puma >^._.^<
If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you, and you will know each other - Chief Dan George
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