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Default Re: Waves of Blue---Ojo Healing

I have been reading your post and I am moved to tears. I too had a similar experience of awakening in Ojo, but you have been able to put into words what I have found so hard to express. The spiritual energy that I received from this trip alone has been a fundamental crutch for me over the past 2 weeks. How desperately I needed the cleansing of my soul and the reunion of my family. Those 4 days alone convinced me of what I have known all along. I am in the wrong place for the growth that I need and I have a calling for a higher path which I will not be able to achieve here. Little did I know what kind of things would confront me when I returned. I can't really go into specifics but even though I am facing a difficult situation I have realized it's more of a confirmation that it's time to move on and follow my dreams. I feel your longing for Santa Fe and the need for change. I have known these things but not until our gathering did I know what exactly it was I was supposed to do...more on that later...By the way I am very interested in film and tv production...we should converse on that topic more! Sorry this is so short...will write more later!
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