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yesterday I was flying to Ottawa and spent 2 hours serving my business class customers..i only had 6 pax today and one man was very particular on his order and wanted hotter tea...i was accommodating, as usual, and never spoke to him while the movie was on...I then sat down with him,,,which I rarely ever do..but after he told me he was a PH D in chemistry ( quantum energy) I knew I wanted to ask him some more questions...he was french and lived in a small south of calgary, alberta..not sure what he was doing there but was travelling back to see his wife who has cancer and is dying...anyways..I blurted out my plans to go to India and how long I have waited to go and all the necessary shots, visa's and ticketing was taking up all my free time and then he told me how he spoke to his dad just shortly after he had passed he had come to his room just to make sure he could say good-bye...his wife woke and aske him who he was talking to...we both had a tear in our eyes as I recanted the same story about my dad...they both lived in different cities when they died...then I told him about my dragon spirit...he understood this to be a fearless spirit and is here to help my courage with my life...then he showed me his tattoo....of a dragon....
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