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Default Dragon Spirit

Dear Pema and all those I asked about this dragon I keep seeing....well finally in one of my books "Witches"
Spell-a-Day LLewellyn , which my daughter bought for me at xmas...lots of old mystical rituals and recipes and spells for the like minded....

Anyways...Aug. 9th talks about the dragon spirit...which is very powerful and very straightforward..dragon spirit is good for removing blocks..but use it only when you are determined to make a change...and be very specific on your request...and when you fear change will backfire on you...I just thought this was very magical because I have been asking for an angel spirit to come and help me with this certain problem...and that's when this dragon always Patience is a virtue...I now have my answer...
this message was written by Cerridwen Iris Shea..and if anyone wants the ritual please e-mail me on my profile...
Love Kris
empress of the east
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