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steve harmn 06-13-2014 09:10 AM

fighting the destiny
Sometimes in a life time you come the realize that everyone has a destiny.Many of us fight it ,feeling that isn't for us.Yet it pulls us towards it no matter how hard we try.In the end you except it.But the trying ......the many roads they were all worth the effort.

steve harmn 07-14-2014 10:22 PM

The hardest part of reincarnation is when you meet past mate from other lives.Usually they are married and you as well.But the draw is so great.In my own case its been blessing and curse.
They both want to be first in all things.You love them both.Probably the mate from past lives more but the money aspect is a problem.Common people live hand to mouth.Its not easy to start anew ,you try and you want to.Maybe you live a comfortable life and don't want give it up.Life is short and your drawn,time is running out you feel you wasting you time and life with one person.

steve harmn 07-15-2014 01:25 PM

When you meet a past mate from another life time it is shocking.The draw is so great its hard for present mates to compare.Getting in deep ,seeing them on the side many times for years.Once you start you screwed so you might as well enjoy it.Cheat a little cheat a lot its the same punishment from your mate.So once you start just get into it and enjoy.A day will come of coarse.Seems like they always find out sooner or later.You could explain but they wouldn't understand.So enjoy.

steve harmn 07-15-2014 05:02 PM

Italy early 1800s
The Italian reincarnation early 1800's.Gina and Fredrico and two children on small olive tree and wine grapes.A small wooden house one room with a kitchen and fireplace two beds.
It was simple time.Love was strong and living was hard.But once a year the family would go to harvest festible.A time to drink wine and rides for the kids.Usually large swings.
Gina was a short large frame woman with large breast.Usually had a black long skirt on with a white blouse.Women didn't wear bras for most part her body would show in the sun.Only Fredricos large body and farm muscle kept the men from making advances.Gina new this enjoy showing her body off.It turned Fredrico on somewhat to know he had the prettiest woman in the area.
I remember the hypnotise had me die to bring me back.I was quiet old and Gina's face the last I saw.

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