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frogborg 06-07-2014 10:54 AM

Near Death Experiencer books
So I just finished Anita Mooranji's - "Dying to be Me".
What a great book.
I found it to resonate with me a lot because of my experience doing "questions about the meaning of life" as a Remote Viewer.
I particularly enjoyed her descriptions of going into the afterlife field of existence as being like switching on the lights in a vast warehouse that she'd been living in, up to that point, with only a small flashlight. Why things are the way they are suddenly made sense to her because she could see now, how things were all connected. One of her other observations was that there was no judgements - there were no races, no religions, no rights vs wrongs - even the worst of all criminals was loved unconditionally because it was understood that all they could know or realize, when they were hurting others, was what they understood with their small flashlight. Her main message was that we didn't need to be or do anything to be excepted to reach perfection because we are already perfect, magnificent, unique and significant exactly as we are. She understood that she was dying from cancer because she wasn't being her authentic self. It was her own judging, comparing, and being afraid to be who she truly is that was snuffing out her true light.
Being an emotional person and what I would call a recovering people pleaser her message seemed to lift a weight off my shoulders. I have struggled this year with my own ego with my dancing life which has had me yelling at myself internally a lot. From trying to please, impress, and be something I'm not I've now got this pinched nerve in the neck, osteoarthritis in my big toes and I keep on believing the dancer in my head seems to be always so much better than the dancer I am able to express. "Who needs a jury or an audience when we have already made the verdict about ourselves internally!" It was just a relief to realize that if how I think about myself matters the most to me that I could give myself a break once in a while.
So I then heard about this movie out there call "Heaven is for Real" - based on another book. So I came across this book in a store and decided to read it next.
This book somewhat unnerved me. This was about a 4 year old who had had a near death experience after a burst appendix. His father was a Pastor and wrote the book, but explains that all he was relaying was what his child was telling him of this experience through his 4 year old eyes (flashlight).
Now this child - even though he was only 4 - had gone to Sunday school, was read children bible stories every night before he went to bed and obviously had been heavily conditioned into the beliefs of christianity up to this point in his life. So his near death experience seemed to be very biased to the christian ideology of going to heaven, coming to the pearly white gates, God sitting on a throne, Jesus by his side, the archangel Gabriel by his side, halo of light above the head, the devil and hell and so on. This Pastoral father swears that his son's descriptions of his experience in heaven were not things he had ever been exposed to and yet he seemed to know things that were accurate biblically.
The part of this book that really upset me was a point that was 2 months after this boys experience when he was taken to a persons funeral. The child apparently became full of anxiety and began shouting in the church that if the man who had died didn't have Jesus in his heart he wouldn't go to heaven". This just poked at a nerve from my own life when I was a young teenager and when my Mother & Step Father were going through rough times with alcohol and in those moments where I was being disciplined, he would yell righteous religious verse at me to terrorize me into being good. I use the word terrorize because it always felt so abusive and unloving - I just knew that "God" wasn't this being that judged people this way and that it was a universal source of loving energy.
I'm not saying that I don't believe there could be a "Christian type" heaven out there in the ethers but that I believe that this exists because its been manifested by Christians who have been conditioned to believe this and that it is just one section of the vast warehouse of thought manifested energetic possibilities that might exist out there after we die.
In this book "Heaven is for Real" the little boy claims he had been sitting on Jesus's lap so the Father - who wrote the book - was very curious to have the little boy describe to him what he looked like. Apparently for several years he and his wife showed him many pictures, that are out there, of Jesus and the boy kept saying that none of them were him. Finally the parents were introduced to a family who had a daughter who was now 6 who had had a near death experience herself. When she came back she was suddenly gifted with savant like artistic abilities and painted a multitude of brilliant paintings of what she had seen when she was in this afterlife field of energy. Her parents had been atheists and had never taught her any type of religious teachings so they were shocked by what she said she had seen. Her experiences were very similar to this other boy's and she claims that she also had sat on the lap of Jesus and she had painted a picture of him when she came back. This painting was eventually shown to the boy whose Father was the Pastor who say's he didn't even say who it was - he just asked his son what he thought about the person in the painting. The boy exclaimed in excitement that "this was him", this was Jesus.
So I'm not going to say what I believe about this as it raises a whole lot of questions of belief systems and ideas about reality but I'd like to ask all of you a question.
Based on your beliefs about what happens after we die - what do you think our purpose is for being here alive in this existence now?
xo Froggie :)

Cher O 06-08-2014 07:41 PM

Originally Posted by frogborg
Based on your beliefs about what happens after we die - what do you think our purpose is for being here alive in this existence now?
xo Froggie :)

Froggie, your signature quote sums it up pretty well, I think... ;) Love, C.

frogborg 06-11-2014 08:50 PM

Yes artists expressing ourselves - I wonder if this is the purpose of the non local mind - our omnipresent selves.
xo Froggie

Wolfdog 06-14-2014 06:26 PM

For Froggie
Dear Froggie,

Thank you for taking your time to share all of your ideas and what you are feeling and reading.
I think it was the well known after death researcher Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who explored this topic rather extensively. I have not read her books but, have read that she found after interviewing a lot of people who have had near-death experiences, that what they saw was always in alignment with their belief systems. Most seemed to go through a tunnel of light and to see religious figures according to their belief systems ie Jesus if they had been Christians, Buddha if they were Buddhist, one of their favorite Hindu Gods or Goddess' if they had been Hindu...although they actually believe in one God/Goddess with many aspects. After that many experienced long dead beloved family members, who in most cases would guide them back into their bodies. Some in hospitals never went that far but, watched themselves in an operating room and gave clear accounts of what went on there after their return to their body.
Love to you,

frogborg 06-15-2014 11:38 AM

Hi Wolfdog,
This is what I believed as well but the young girl that painted the picture of "Jesus" was raised in an atheist family. Yet she seemed to have had experiences that follow with the Christian afterlife view. I supposed she could have been influenced by people outside her family even though she was quite young - 6 - I think. I've just started another book by Julia Assante, PHD "The Last Frontier - Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death". I have been very interested in these type of books after becoming a skilled remote viewer because they are the only out of body accounts that come close to what it feels like when you are having a multi sensory remote viewing experience. I am certain after all the targets I've done over the years that we do not need our bodies to be conscious and alive. I am very curious about the space of lives between lives. I've read all the Michael Newton books too - which also had a lot of similar explanations to what I saw doing inward search targets - viewing the timeline of my soul. I distinctly remember viewing a room full of screens running movie clips of my life. Also could be known has a life review or even screenings of other possibilities, parallel lives running simultaneously. I also saw colored lightbulb type orbs - seeing my children's colors, meeting up with millions of orbs greeting me in a mystical ancient etheric city, gathering in soul groups - definitely nothing like what I'd been raised believing was supposed to be happening in that afterlife.
I'm really interested in hearing what others believe about this.
Froggie :)

frogborg 07-04-2014 03:51 PM

Mind over Matter
"Some neuroscientists, psychiatrist, and psychologists are asking if intelligence can exists outside the brain and operate independently of the body? If it can be shown to operate outside the body, then there is some basis for believing that the mind, which holds your identity, your memories, your values, your hopes, and everything else that is you, can survive the body at death. To me this is the central issue of survival question". Julia Assante PhD "the Last Frontier"
So what are your beliefs about what happens when we die?
Froggie 🙈🙉🙊

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