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Claire81 05-08-2014 01:19 PM

Hi everyone
I just rejoined the community after a few years away
I live in the UK and today in one of our national papers they ran this story I've pasted the link below.
What do you think?


X claire X

nyspirit 05-08-2014 06:12 PM

OMG......What took you so long guys !
This is extraordinary to see that help has finally arrived. Maybe the world can be saved now. Maybe Star Beings can put some sense to all of this madness, and clean up our insane way of living.

Shirley, I think your vision of Star Beings landing on the White House lawn may just come true !

I think we all need to say a prayer. I remember Shirley talking about the power of a group prayer for Star Beings to help us. It would be great if Shirley can begin one.


nyspirit 05-08-2014 07:16 PM

This may be a hoax.
I was researching this on the internet, and I came across this report that states this all may just be a HOAX ! How depressing is this.
__________________________________________________ __________

A viral video that claims a UFO “attacked” a Taliban camp in Afghanistan is fake.

The video is an edit of a clip that was taken in Iraq. In the “UFO” video uploaded in March, the UFO was edited into it.

“Afghanistan – March 2014 – A mysterious UFO destroyed Taliban camp, the scene was filmed by US Marines,” the video’s description reads on YouTube.

The original video apparently shows a “US fighter jet” destroying a “car bomb factory” in Iraq. The editor of the UFO video appears to have flipped the Iraq video horizontally and added the UFO bit.

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