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Mary Sweden 02-28-2014 03:40 PM

Energies and timelines.
This afternoon I had a very interesting discussion about reiki, and healing in general, with someone. I did the first part of the Reiki course back in 2001. For me it didn't seem to work so well. I could sense a slight tingling on my head but that's all.

On the contrary, I have been told that my whole being is sending out healing to those I encounter IRL? This has also been confirmed by many during the course of my life. But during the periods when I have felt depressed I doubt that my energy has been so healing...

I'm trying to wrap my head around this thing about energies. And concerning the power of healing and how and what it would mean to connect to this universal power?
That there is a "higher" source, that we can tap into, about that I have no doubts what so ever.

And some claim that we can send healing energy, into our future or even back into our past, toward certain situations, traumas and people.

So you would be healing "the you" in the past or in the future.

But if you do, or if you or someone did this to help you heal, how on Earth would you be able to know?

Because if you heal “you” in the past, wouldn't that alter your choices and another timeline would be created with you in an alternate version? And how would we be able to tell, ever, that it happened?

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Joanie 1 08-25-2014 08:28 AM

Mary: When a block is dissolved or released from a traumatic event, the healing occurs in the now. But, the brain re-orders our thinking from the moment of the trauma to the present moment. I used to be an ordained Spirit-directed healer with Dr. Ron Roth. I saw the dramatic shifts that would occur in clients when a traumatic event would be released. Trauma's may present themselves in the physical body as major illness. When the trauma is released, the client is freed from the physical and mental pain. The healing with Reiki or any spiritual related healing takes place in the 4th dimensional world. It is beyond our divine knowing how healing takes place and within the planes of Christ and heaven--it is divine mystery.



knblutz 08-25-2014 11:28 AM

Cellular memory
All past lives r stored somewhere

Mine was deep in the cells as is for many

However. This memory brought forth to now
So I could advance?!....

All I know is when my daughter was in great pain
In doctors office (long story), I mustered whatever you want
To call it and BooM!
Angels and Orbs appeared and helped!

My daughter now is and always was an
Intuitive Phoenix rising

We are here to help and show how the power of
Thought and this universal energy has and always
Was available
Until the great fall.....

Joni. What an interesting story!
Gosh we all have them
Anyways my first advise for illness is:

Right after body cleanse and liver detox
Get in the car bus or train and do road trip

There is time to reflect and ponder and read!
Ask for guidance and it is sent... Always
Maybe a little time is required however
It always comes
Thanks for reading

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