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Azure 02-23-2014 11:05 PM

Disappointment Fountain House loss
Not going into possible incriminating details.

A situation of confidence and trust was an issue.

The problem started when there was confusion with budgeting cuts. Then I
became dependent on psychic influences.

Well at the time everything seemed to coincide.

But it quickly turned to disaster.

It was inadvertently founded out that despite what seemed like professional
trust went awry that the situation turned around and I was lied to.

The person knew he lied. But a paper trail was left behind, and mistakes were made.

I kept thinking it would all turn around, but it just became worse and worse.

And I was left in limbo.

Somehow someway karma will set in, and on some level it did. I had ways
of discovering this.

I sometimes wonder how some can live with their own lies.

I have been in limbo for a year. The guy relocated to Colorado facing the shadows
he created. Everything spiraled backwards. And he is back in New York, working at an internship at Mount Sinai Hospital

Me...still on employment search. All my aspirations in certain directions have also been blocked. Stagnation in all directions. Plus Peter is still around and this relationship is dead.

Despite what I see and hear about the staff person who is back in New York I know from an emotional standpoint he is failing big time. He just had a motorcycle accident driving over the George Washington Bridge. He is badly bruised and broke his left arm. According to Louise Hay the left side represents female or mother influences. I know for a fact his relationship in Colorado was the real illusion. He lost out and is still working through emotional baggage from that. I do know he is dating someone else at the moment: a professional woman who is also a single parent.I doubt it will go anywhere, but who knows?
In the meantime I am in more of a limbo then he is.

And in my opinion it really ended up being 'much ado about nothing'
As Shirley addressed Jerry in The Evening Star: 'Physician Heal Thyself.'


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