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bubbles 02-08-2014 03:28 PM

Intense Dreams
First Sunday in February

Movie titled 'Kamikaze' starring Quill and Quinn with a punch line of a test of strength to decide whose love the heroine will ocuppy her time with. I looked it up on wiki in the dream.

Next night I dreamed a company had occupied a decrepit coastal position. A note was discovered describing the place as 'Beach Miami' and left a couple of phone #'s from someone who wanted to return; Then an officer complained saying there was no electicity upstairs and I replied that we could make it work.."Can Do!" and took the initiative to sort things out.
A small grimey hatch protected a basement from an emplacement that appeared to be a metal-topped glass globe. "What is that?" I asked, "A fold-over," came the reply, "Haven't you ever played a fold-over?"

Last night I dreamed a group of protestors leapt from a ship in an act of protest and were summarily shot and thrown back when hauled out. "They were literally rising from their graves." someone said.

Then I dreamed of looking into a valley then appearing in the valley and announcing my intention to join a pale looking figure on a rock. "Now is the hour of your death!" the pale figure said. But as I leapt to the rock I pulled what appeared to be a 2x6 board down onto the fiures foot and as they bent over knocked them head-first into whatever was beneath the rock.

bubbles 02-08-2014 03:55 PM

Freud on Dreams
A fragment from a case study reprinted in the Norton Anthology of World Liturature, volume F, Second edition:

"I argued in my book, The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), that every dream is a wish which is represented as fulfilled, that the representation acts as a disguise if the wish is a repressed one, belonging to the unconscious, and that except in the case of children's dreams only an unconscious wish or one that reaches down into the unconscious has the force necessary for a formation of a dream.

I fancy my theory would have been more certain of general acceptance if I had contented myself with maintaining that every dream had a meaning, which could be discovered by means of a certain process of interpretation;and that when the interpretation had been completed the dream could be replaced by thoughts which would fall into place at an easily recognizable point in the waking mental life of the dreamer...

...But instead of this I formulated a generalization according to which the meaning of dreams is limited to a single form, to the representation of wishes, and by so doing I aroused a universal inclination to dissent."

bubbles 02-21-2014 08:29 AM

C.J.Jung On Freud
"I even may not give first importance to the question whether our study of the dream gives a scientifically verifiable result; If I do this, I am following an exclusively personal aim, and one which is therefor auto-erotic."

The Study Of The Dream- Modern man chp 3

bubbles 03-05-2014 09:57 AM

Jung's quote gave me hours of entertainment. I think the quote is correct in that science could take a back-seat in the realm of spirit.

I don't know but Jung's position on auto-erotica appears to me to be Paul-line in severity (1Cor6:9/14:34) and in the light of Mthw7:2 we might expect to find Paul enjoying truncated liberties.

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