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Mary Sweden 01-12-2014 06:24 AM

Past lives and the present
Hi everyone! It has been a while since I was here on Shirley's. That doesn't mean I have lost my interest for spirituality. My experience has showed me though that it is not everywhere you find people with the same interests as here.

I have been going through some difficult years both physcially and emotionally and I am slowly returning to Life now, Thank god. After a amalgam removal I gained three autoimmunie diseases to mention some of my learning experiences lately.

At present I am in Egypt conducting a Field study through a Middle East Course I am signed in to and I will be interviewing female Egyptian Journalists if all goes according to plan.

All my Life I have been drawn to Egypt. I can recall from very early on in life that I wanted to go here. I was here for the first time when I was 23 and was mesmerized by the energies of the Sphinx in Giza at the pyramids and by Luxor and had a strong sense of deja vu at the temple of Hatchepsut. In my first hypnosis one of the first past lives memories to return to my conscious mind was that one of me being a tall extremely handsome Egyptian man and most of all an agitator in Israel existing around 60 years after Christ. I was lefthanded; my whole being on a profoundly deep level had the awareness that I back then mastered the art of some kind of Arabic or similar alphabet. Which in the present I have never ever learned. Writing from the right to the left, using my left hand. Today I am righthanded. My deep knowing informed me that I had been born in the Cairo area in that lifetime but for some reason I had moved alone to the area of Jerusalem. My parents in that Life was my current sister and her husband that also has acted like that this time around. When I ended up in some kind of trouble they always covered my back. And in Israel my present father turned up as my educated mentor. He was some kind of scholar or wise man and he had the role of a father there also.

When I first heard of the name "Misr" which is the arabic name for Egypt it was like I had known this name and what it stood for for an eternity. And what I always found tremedously puzzeling is that: How can I be so drawn to an Arabic, conservative Islamic culture today since I am a woman from Scandinavia and in so many ways do not fit in with my current lifestyle here? But considering the possibility that I used to be a higly regarded Egypian man, at least twice before, approximately: 2000 and 3500 years ago (the soul doesnt seem to take timeframes into consideration) it does make sense that I feel drawn here and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Plus the incarnation prior to this also in Egypt then around the area of what we today refer to as Luxor. In this incarnation I saw myself being one of the closest men to the Queen Hatshepsut. I believe I was working as an Architect.

And of course, there was a third lifetime where I was in this area or around Saudi Arabia. I remember standing by the Red Sea waiting for "them" to return to me. I felt so lonely on this planet. I was in frequent Contact, from what it seemed, with Extraterrestrials, very tall ones in White or Black robes. They enlightened me and then they left me here with the Earthlings that were on a very different awareness level. This seemed way back in time. but in this area geographically too.

I cannot prove that my statements here are true but they spring from regressions and a profoundly deep knowing. And a strong sense of belonging in, a to me, foreign culture, I have no biological connection to in any way, whatsoever.

Loa 01-17-2014 05:19 PM

Thank you for sharing your past lives experiances Mary. I found it very interesting and there is no doubt in my mind that your perceptions are true.

May I ask if you did something special to get the recalls ? Was it through meditations or hypnosis ?


Mary Sweden 01-18-2014 04:34 PM

Hi La!

When I was around 16-17 years old I had experienced several paranormal events in my life and that raised questions in me. A series of fortunate events led me to a past life regression therapist, Ylva Cronstedt and I went to her in Stockholm and I have nooooo idea what she did. I just closed my eyes and after some minutes I started seeing like a movie played before my eyes. Me being in France and what seemed like a life I had there. Then a horrific life in Sweden in the dark ages. She was guiding me and asking me questions and making me leap in time, in the regression. Totally unexpected what turned up in my awareness.

In the life as the Egyptian, my left hand was writing in the air as if I knew exactly that language. And she asked me: When is this? I could sense it was around 60 years after someone named Christ had been around. He had been around, but if he was as we see him today I wouldnt say. Someone very special, at least. As the person I was then I felt like this. And Some years after IRL I went to Jerusalem and inside the walls. I was like a fish in the water. It was as if I had lived there my whole life?

In regards to what seemed to be the life of a contactee, thousands of years ago, that came up when I for the very first time, around the age of 22 something, went for some kind of retreat that had something called rebirthing breathing on the agenda. I didn't know what that was so I had no expectations. At all. As the breathing session had begun, it didnt take long before I started seeing these space crafts coming down at me and I loved dealing with them (the ET:s) and as I mentioned it was a strong sense of being deeply connected to them and they taught me so many things. I could see the Red Sea where I was standing and waiting for their return.

The Luxor memory came to me while being on location in Luxor. Also a overwhelming sense of recognition-- dj vu--and then I did a breathwork session and a film was being shown to me. Hard to describe but some are incredibly clear. Also a deep sene of knowing. As if you recall something you Always knew but forgot for some time.

The most beautiful things with the Egyptian life that supposedly happened 2000 years ago was that they, the romans tortured and killed me and cut of my left hand. I never thought about it before but probably because I was writing with that hand. I don't know. But as I felt how I was dying. I left my body and went to the Bright Beautiful Light, there my present grandmother in this life and her mother, my great grandmother (on my mothers side), now both dead, greeted me there on the other side, as i was returning home to them.

The deepest knowing was present as I went through these experiences. Hard to explain it in any other way.

Loa 01-20-2014 03:14 PM

Thank you Mary for your clear answers

Seems like you can easily be brought to your past lives trough hypnosis and meditation. That's so interesting and must be useful in work with your present life I imagine.

Ive never been to a past life therapist but your experiance sure makes me think about looking someone up :)


Mary Sweden 01-21-2014 03:20 AM

Hi again Loa!

I think what I gained the most was that it explains why I feel the way I do for certain people I know or meet in the present. That it brings logic to the whys? Then again it doesn't clairfy what is supposed to be in the now and in the future. But that is perhaps what we are here to find out!? In this realm. :)

Loa 01-23-2014 03:30 PM

Mary, I like your view on this. Maybe if we manage to " bring logic to the whys" and understand our circumstances from the karmic view we have the hope of being able to have a better now and future also

" It sure takes a courage to look in honesty inside yourself and bring peace to your karma from past lives" my raja yogha teacher said tonight. I agree with her ;)

Sometimes it sounds harsh to me ... the view that everything (good and bad, fair and unfair) that happens to ourselves, people arround us and over the world, has it karmic explanation but at the same time Its maybe the only way to experiance life as a fair game and move on in peace.

Thank you again and my best wishes to you Mary


Mary Sweden 01-24-2014 11:46 AM

Thank you Loa!

I must say that I do feel strongly reluctant to refer to karma as a major reason and explanation to why certain circumstances occur in our lives. The reason I say that is because sometimes it turns into a kind of Hindu cast attitude which also justifies a status quo, encourages apathy and indifference as opposed to empathy and compassion to other living beings.

What and what not the spirit may have chosen and what would possibly be accumulated karma and not, if such a phenomena even exists at all; because who would really be in a position among the living to claim such an idea as a fact?

Loa 01-24-2014 02:19 PM

You have to excuse me Mary... but my english is far from being as excellent as yours :)

But with the help of (the precious) google translate I think I get it right and have to say that I understand your thoughts.

I havent been able to get to a conclusion for my self regarding the karma theory. It sometimes disturbs me as harsh and cruel in the content of having compassion for people who you feel like are having too much of a tragedy in their lives, no matter if it is the people you love arround you or events you see in the news. I am really sensitive for things like that. I feel a lot of compassion but also feelings of injustice and anger. Why do some souls have to experiance to live in places where war rules , hate and nature disasters take place

After the lecture I had yesterday from the raja yogha teacher my thoughts are :
- could it be that by experiancing negative feelings towards tragedy events I am in fact just adding negative vibrations to it and not helping at all ?

- Is it better to think that everything is going by the law of karma and would the thought of that help us to stay calm, be pure love and add light and uplifting vibes into sad and cruel events ?

I dont think that believing in karma has to make us powerless or less of love or inactive. Maybe it makes us more effective indeed, that is if we believe that we can make a difference in our own karma by beginning with our selves, by having the courage to take a responsibility in what we go through and experinace, instead of being more like victims.

I repeat that this is just something I am wondering about these days after what I have read and listened too, but not a place Ive reached. Not yet at least.

Like you say ... we dont know anything by a fact in this existence of us. maybe thats what makes it charming in a way ;)

Love La

Mary Sweden 01-24-2014 04:48 PM

Hi La!

It is interesting the questions your teacher left you with. I have also encountered the belief about the idea that our negative feelings would add even more such vibes to a certain event or situation. But how do you learn to master emotions of pain that arises from receiving news about a horrible event that has taken place in the world?

The strong reactions to events or circumstances may indeed cause an intense energetic outburst within us that could, like he/she describes, perhaps even be transmitted to that specific situation or person. If I'm interpreting your words in the correct way? And maybe that doesn't help those in that situation at all? Rather the opposite. But how do you master your reactions to that degree, on a planet as rough and cruel as this one?

Since I am very sensitive to feeling energies everywhere, most of the time, which can be quite overwhelming, so why wouldnt it be possible for these energies to influence events and situations too, since most circumstances involve living beings of some kind or another. 

After attending a course in parapsychology and science in Stockholm I learnt that there are strong scientific indicators pointing toward that prayers have a healing effect. And prayers are basically good thoughts and intentions going out to one or more individuals.

When you write that our karma can help us to gain more power over own lives and help in becoming more effective, by taking responsibility for what we are going through and are experiencing; would you like to explain a bit more how you mean or what you are learning about that please?

Greetings and blessings from Cairo.

Loa 01-25-2014 07:43 AM

Good morning Mary.

Do you live in Cairo or are you on a vacation ?

This raja yogha teacher and some others are teacher in a Brahma Kumaris school in my country. They believe that every soul is unique, eternal and every soul is pure light and peace but that we have forgotten it. Through meditation we can connect with the highest soul and remembered who we really were before we choose to enter earth as humans. Sometimes souls rest in the world of peace for ages before they wish to come back to live in the world of material. They say that time is a circle and that times on earth have been dark and difficult but that it hasnt always been like that and will not always be like that. Actually we are getting into more brighter times according to them.Times were karma is not so hard as now.

I think nobody who is human knows the real truth and maybe there is no one truth ?? But we can take whatever from everything that gives us the power to live better and be happier.

I think the karma vision of Brahma Kumaris can help me to stay positive and in more peace with everything that happens arround me and the world. Because If I get overwhelmed by the unfairness of the world, I can more easily get into a hole of anger and sorrow and how can I help someone to get up from that hole if Im at the bottom of it with them.

If something sad happens to me, I need people who will show me compassion by sending me pure positive vibes, thoughts, love, prayers by staying strong and being all this themselves. I think that without compassion there is no love. Maybe its all about being aware of where your compassion is taking you.

They believe that the only way to change the world is to change your own reactions to every negative thing, small and big by meditating on love and peace . And that we are suppose to be able to change our thought patterns by practise and by getting closer to what our soul really is through meditation.

Well Mary ... I hope this explains something of whats on my mind these days. here you can read more about it.


love and blessings,

Mary Sweden 01-25-2014 02:27 PM

Hi Loa!

Sounds very interesting what you are learning and the personal development you are going through, indeed. I'm here in Cairo for 10 weeks to do a some research. I could live here though. I feel happy here!

I totally agree, to find what empowers us is so important. And what works for one person might be completely wrong for another.

One thing that I noticed that I learned as I was becoming a breathworker was to become aware of what kind of mentor or teacher would work best in line with me. A duck mother teacher that is the type that pushes the children in the water and then jumps in herself or a deertype mother teacher that first runs ahead of her children and makes sure all is safe so that she after can call for her kids to try out the new terrain. I i.e. need a deer mother type of instructor, to dare to move ahead. But this is so individual. Nothing is wrong or right. :)

Seems like these are making you feel good about yourself from what I hear, that is personal growth and spirituality in its finest form.

And yes, how important it is that when something sad happens to receive compassion. You mention staying strong, that is a defintion that can vary in meaning for many people. What does it mean to you to remain strong?

As far as changing your reactions to every negative thing, here again, I must say that for me I would first need to get clear on what exactly do I perceive as being negative? Or is only situations, people and events we have no power over i.e. referred to as a negative phenomena in this context?

For me I would need to know this first, because eitherwise I would feel as if though I were being adviced to just accept anything and then working on reactions could easily turn into encouragment of denial to what is not good for me in my Life. And then be asked to remain with certain situations, people or places and required to look inwardly in an attempt to "only" search for my own "negative emotions" when in fact what one perhaps needs to do instead is to take action in another manner.

Perhaps being observent so that personal inner exploration doesn't serve as a means to becoming negligent towards oneself. I don't know if this makes sense that are some of my thoughts and fears maybe?

I feel tired after the revolutions day here today with many fatatlities so if I don't make any sense that might be the reasons.

Good Night and God Bye for now!

And thank you so much Loa for your thoughts and wise words!!!

Blessings from me

Loa 01-26-2014 11:05 AM

Thank you Mary

I agree. What works for one doesnt work for another. That's what makes people so special and great.

For me, I like to take the best from everything that comes to me and I feel like is being right and serving me to be in abundance with life and god. As far as I have come I havent yet found some one belief or idea that I want to stick with or praise completely. So I guess Im on an endless search wich will probably never take end. Sometimes its going well but other times I get stuck. But thats another story.

I think you have an interesting point regarding negativity. I asked the teacher if trying to train your mind in never thinking a negative thought meant you should let people roll over you, just because you earned that negative thing from some other life. Her answer to that was: No, not at all. She said that we would always know the difference between right and wrong and that we are able to leave situations, people or whatever, without negativity in our mind. That we could in fact release us from negative karma by adding positive energy to it.

In the every day life I somtimes find the same things that annoy me, looking me up over and over again. I dont know if its karma or just my reactions to it, but maybe for me its worth trying their style :)

But again, after reading what you say, if something is perceived as wrong I would think that would at first always call on a negative feeling or a thought. But after that we should have the power to transforming that feelings/thoughts.

What does being strong mean to me ? Thats a good question. I think my view on that has been changing over the years.

Im raised up in a community wich in the past had to fight to survive, for example because of bad, cold all kinds of weathers and natural events. People were isolated and poor and when winters were hard people were dying at home and couldnt be buried til spring came. So through the ages being physically strong and never give in has been considered as a great strenght. And that meant not showing your emotions or feelings. Not cry never because if you would, you would not survive.

I feel like the definition of being strong has been changing, even just since I was little ( Im 37) and I feel like its canging fast these last years.

Working with seriously ill people the past ten years have taught me that having the courage to share your feelings, your " weakness", show tears and be who you are but not pretending to be something you are not, is what being strong is all about for me, because this is something that has never been easy for me to do. It probably has another meaning for people who do not lack the courage to show and share their feelings in a healthy way.

In the content of my previous post being strong would mean that people would not enter the bottom of the unhappiness with me but rather meet me somewhere in the way to assist me to get up.

What does being strong mean to you ?

Well Mary. its so great to have these conversations with you and you make a lot of sense, even after a big day like that. It doesnt surprise me that you like Cairo. It must be totally amazing there ... and you have a history in that area, right ?

Take care

Mary Sweden 01-29-2014 01:20 PM

Thank you for sharing your experiences Loa!

I hear you are questioning and not just buying whatever you encounter on your spiritual search and journey. I believe that is a healthy attitude. I'm on a spiritual quest too. I keep searching for answers about life and why we are here?

Its interesting your mention the impact the climate has on the concept of being strong. Any extreme weather conditions do shape those who must live under them. Being from Scandinavia and growing up among farmers I should know! Hard working from dawn till dusk. Winter or not doesnt matter. You just keep it up. So I believe there is my role model for being strong. Similar to what you are describing. Non emotional attitude, whatever happens. Only survival counts. If you would break a leg, get injured: That is irrelevant, just keep working. And that is really a problem; I was talking to a guy last summer who explained to me that this attitude is killing us up here in the North. We have the highest rates of suicide in the whole world, Sweden that is. I know 2 that died due to that last year. Two guys actually that had these attitudes around them, and a woman too that tried, the list could be made long. But, therefore, I believe it is so important that we start becoming more compassionate, as to overcome these health problems that are so unnecessary.
I mean, as you are saying you are working with those with severe diseases. Can we afford to be so shut off in this world? Does it require a lethal disease Before we realize that we are emotional beings?

I like your view on what being strong is. I agree completely with that!

Blessings from Mary

Loa 01-31-2014 12:15 PM

Hello Mary :)

We seem to share similar experiances of these things, and both live up in the north. It would be interesting to see some researches on this. It wouldnt surprise me that suicidal rate could be related to what is perceived as being strong in different communities. Are people who live in communities , were" being strong" is perceived as not sharing and showing emotions in more risk at developing emotional and physical diseases ?

I am now reading the book "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying" ( Bronnie Ware)

Regret 1: I wish Id had the courage to live a life true to myself
Regret 2: I wish I hadnt worked so hard
Regret 3: I wish I had the courage to express my feelings
Regret 4: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
Regret 5 : I wish I had let myself be happier

This says it all, right ? And explains why it is a priviledge to work with serously ill people ;)


Mary Sweden 01-31-2014 02:31 PM

Hi Loa!

Extremely interesting questions you are asking Loa!

I'm convinced there is more to it than a lack of light that are causing many people to feel low up there in the Nordic nations!

The top five regrets are food for thought indeed. Every time I see them, they make me contemplate over what is really important.

I still have far to go but, I feel proud to say that I have lived almost all my Dreams, not that all of them turned out like I expected them to but I feel it has been far more important attempting to pursue the dreams, to give them a fair chance to become real rather than the actual outcome itself. To me, in my life, there are not many things I will be regretting when lying on my death bed, which is good. A few maybe, I guess...but hopefully there is still time to make amends for those.

One other thing that I find so interesting too is finding evidence, valid to yourself that, when for instance, you get a message from what we believe to be the other side, that leaves you without any doubts that someone just sent a message that the living would never ever be able to know or make up stories about.

That's all for now from me,

And by the way, praises to you for the admirable and incredibly important work that you do!

Take Care Loa!



Loa 02-02-2014 12:27 PM

Dear Mary

I think I will add to my " being strong" list, people who have the courage to live their dreams like you have. Probably one of the most important thing when you look back over your life in the end.

And yes, Its a great gift indeed to to get confirmation that you just feel and know is true from the other side. Helps us to go on and not loose faith, right ?

Keep up the good work and keep on following your dreams :)


Mary Sweden 02-07-2014 12:54 PM

Thank you Loa, I will do whatever is in my power to keep living my dreams.

What you mentioned about wishes and regrets of the dying is truly a lesson that we shouldn't ignore.

Then I must also mention, in regards to what I suspect could have been some of my previous incarnations here in Egypt. I decided to revisit the Egyptian museum for entertainment purposes but primarily in order to, once and for all, investigate further into whether I would/could "recognize" anything in the museum, as some kind of validation to my "memories" from the glimpses I have been receiving in regressions from around the period of when Pharao/Queen Hatsepsut was ruling Egypt.

First thing that I noticed was that there was one room I experienced a strong sense of unease toward. So signifcantly overwhelming it made me feel reluctant to enter.

One was that from the period around the New Kingdom.

So I passed it by, and kept on walking until I, upstairs, felt compelled and drawn to some rings. I discovered one that I felt it was belonging to me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't interpret the arabic text next to it.

Last but not least, in my exploration for something connected to my regressions about Hatsepsut, I was truly in the right Place since her mummie was there.

As I was standing next to the mummie of Hatsepsut; I felt NOTHING. No recognition, at all!! And, For a moment, it felt as if my old "me" from that incarnation, whom seemed to have been more authoritative in nature than I am today, reacted strongly with: Who is that???!! That is NOT the Queen!!!

When I attended a course in Parapsychology I learned about how energy can stick to objects and things, so then if some energies would remain attached, not the soul, but energy memories, to the body of, in this case, a mummie. :) Is it that far fetched really?

Next thing I did was to walk over to the mummie of her half-brother, and here I felt instant recognition, it was the recognition of energies. This would be from Thutmose II. I could swear as I was picking up the energies around this "body" that this was someone, when he was alive and thriving, that I used to know and get along with, that he was almost like a brother to me.

As opposed to the previous they claim belonged to Hatsepsut.

And why I experienced such discomfort around the room of the remains from the New Kingdom which is from the time around when Hatsepsut and Thutmose II were ruling baffles me. Perhaps I died in an unpleasent manner? Or I just took in energy memories from events that had occured around these remains?

It is so hard to find clues to other life times in museums. For me at least. So this felt like a unique opportunity. I could have misperceived the information I was receiving during the regression. However...when in Luxor, 20 years ago, I was not searching, the deju vu, caught me by surprise, and it was soo powerful.

After I could see, indeed very clear images of me and someone similar to Hatsepsut and now that I am writing this I recall: the end.

Her end, was an extremly tragic suicide. And I never recovered fully after that happend, judging form the regression. That would even explain the unease about objects from that area. Maybe my soul, was reminded of the loss of a loved one in a very tragic way?

Blessings from Egypt,


Loa 02-20-2014 12:12 PM

Hi again Mary

and sorry how long it took me to reply.

Thank you for sharing all your perceptions from the museum. Must be so special to be able to explore places where you feel so strong connections from previous lives.

So you think that the mummy of Hatsepsut is someone else maybe ?

Im certain that all your perceptions are real and true and it seems like you have developed the ability to get them rather easily. How does it feel when you get regressions from some events that were not so nice ? I mean, does it just feel bad or like you can understand and work with your present life better ?


Mary Sweden 02-21-2014 03:52 PM

Hi Loa,

Well, as the answer to your question if I think that the mummy of Hatsepsut is someone else? I would say: Yes, I believe it is someone else.

It is nice to hear that you believe that my perceptions are real and true. Some are and I have it verified, with this, I can only describe my impressions.

Regarding reconnecting with sections from past lives that were very unpleasant, I would say, I have found my self starting to breathe through the the painful events using rebirthing breathing.

The process is the same. Time does not seem to be relevant. Regardless of if the trauma has stayed with me from my childhood in this life or from an incarnation 10 000 years ago or further back in time than that.

Releasing the pain stuck in the cell memory or where ever it has remained seems to be the focus for the intelligence that rules this. I don t know how or why. But this is what I have noticed. And over the years I have heard many other rebirthers decribe similar experiences, when in contact with previous incarnations and when dealing with releasing old traumas. But one can never decide when or where, some intelligence seems to be in charge of this within us, I mean.

From a time when I was being transported as a slave over to America on a ship. This has been hard for me to even get in touch with. Only with people I felt completely safe with, this could surface in the present to be released somewhat, with the support of their presence, going through this trauma, was possible.

And after a breathwork session for instance, I would feel, lighter, as if a weight has been lifted off of me. A burden is gone.

I would say that every trauma and any unplesant undealt with emotion pressed away deep down into the sub-conscious is pulling us, taking from us a high amount of our focus and energy from being in the present moment where life is actually happening. So, I would say that this is the gain in going back to release it. To bring us more to the here and the now.

Does that make any sense to you at all? :)

Btw, how is your personal development and spiritual journey unfoldning?



Loa 02-22-2014 06:20 PM

Thank you Mary :)

yes this makes a great sense. Breathing sure is a powerful tool and I can imagine it being useful when dealing with past lives. And it must be important to have some ways, like you, to be able to actually benefit from these experiances.

Thank you ...my spiritual journey is going ok I guess. Meditation is becoming a necassary part of my life to stay in contact with my self and the spiritual world, I so much feel the difference when I forget to take the time for it :) I would like to get more in contact with my past lives though.

Think I just have to tell you that for 12 years ago I went to a past lives therapist. I had high expectations for this meeting. Probably hoping she would say I once was a queen, someone famous ... or at least a nun. But all she could see were some many lives as a slave .... oh and yes .. a SMUGGLER that was thrown down the White cliffs. LOL I bet my face looked funny during that meeting.

Well today I love my past slave lives and just know ive gained something important from it that serves me and others in a positive way. Dont know about this smuggler live though ;)

Take care Mary


Mary Sweden 03-25-2014 08:12 PM

Just couldn't resist posting this. The part 51 minutes into the documentary particularly caught my attention. :)


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