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ComeAgainMoon 01-01-2014 03:42 PM

Why aren't the Leaders of the World speaking out and demanding clean up for the Fukushima disaster? It continues to pump radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean... guess the Ruling Elite has not figured out how to tax us common folk, for this yet.

(G.E.) made deals with the Bush and Obama administrations, that force us to use the florescent light bulbs that contain Mercury, is also, the designer and builder of the Fukushima plant. (AND that's okay with the EPA).... Well, the Fukushima nuclear plant was a faulty, "cost effective design, by G.E. They poison the world and no one says a thing.

Fukushima-radiated West Co. cover up


frogborg 01-05-2014 12:14 AM

Living on the West coast of BC - these articles really make me very concerned for my children and future generations. I truly believe they are not reporting about this because we don't know what to do - We've never had to deal with this magnitude of radiation leaking into our oceans like this. We, humans on planet earth, do not know what to do, how to fix this, and what levels of radiation is considered safe before the food chain is irreversibly effected or what humans can handle before it begins to damage our health. They have an idea from Hiroshima, and Chernobyl that indicates that things are not looking so good and our Governments are not going to speak without great caution to avoid the wrath of their populations demanding answers they don't have. We and the next generation are all going to be guinea pigs in this global catastrophe.
I'd like to find more articles written by people who think they might have a solution to stopping the leaking that is still going on, is it even possible to recover the missing cores that have just sunk into the abyss, how to prevent another earthquake in one of the most active regions in the world so it doesn't destroy us even more and how to save our oceans and the human populations that are in the pathway from being harmed from radiation.
Froggie :(

frogborg 01-05-2014 09:15 PM

Another one today - man we are in trouble!
xo Froggie :(

ComeAgainMoon 01-06-2014 07:52 PM

Meanwhile, our governments continue to lie to us about "Global Warming," giving huge sums of money to cronies with phony, alternative energy businesses that are already bankrupt, insist that wind farms are safe, force us to use light bulbs that contain Mercury, while they continue to kill endangered birds and continue to insist upon a Global Carbon Tax..... etc., etc., etc...

Thanks for your response, Froggie.... and thanks for the links.

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