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jane99 12-29-2013 05:46 AM

Hi. I would love to hear anyone's feedback on what i have seen. I saw this twice in the same part of the sky from my rural yard. I do not recall the time between the two experiences (not too close - maybe a month or more?). While relaxing at the firepit with my eyes to the sky, my attention was brought to that part of the sky by a bright light - like a meteor coming toward me (not moving sideways or up and down). One might suggest something entering the atmosphere, or another may refer to it as "powering up". As i continued to watch the sky in that direction I saw (i'll just call them ships) ships moving out from a central location. Seriously, as if they came out of a mothership :) It was not debris off of a meteor because of the way they moved. They took specific turns and moves that suggested they were clearly not random items being thrown off of something as if in an explosion. They were far away, looking about the size of satelites. That is small and pretty darn far away i think. The location was within 75 miles of Whiteman Air Force base.

I got the term "powering up" from a friend of mine that visits James Gilliland's ranch near Trout Lake in Washington state. People go there and see alot of ufos. They use that term. I spoke with Travis Walton once about it and he used the term mothership. This happened several years ago and I was curious if there was any new info or ideas on this. Thanks for any feedback. jane harlow

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