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Rod 12-26-2013 10:56 PM

We are nothing.jointly we are one,for if we are not we will be nothing hereafter. The truth is in you and me as well as the earth as in the heavens.We are on a collision path to obscurity.Listen to the elders,to the soothsayers,the seers then make your own mind up.Why are we witnessing religious wars, time and time again.There is but one God,stop pontificating.Idolising,Prevaricating,Procrastinat ing,Hedonism,Bigotry,Adultery.We have nearly ruined the Earth in the last 100years.Yes go back to 1913,there were few cars and little pollution.The oceans were full of life and healthy,there were no nuclear weapons or hazardous waste.We have a lot to answer for and we will,threefold.A penalty has been set and there is no redemption.Only the true at heart will prevail.

Chi 02-15-2014 05:27 AM

Though none of us is perfect, the fact is that we are each
the sum of many parts, many experiences, many deeds...
and so there is truth in every heart...and in the end it is
that truth alone... that prevails.
And that's a Nothing that's really Something when you
think about it. Soft Grin...

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