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Freesia16 12-18-2013 12:04 PM

Song about Karma
Ok, I confess, I'm sitting at the library and youtube is open and though it's not a Christmas song it's colorful and it's about Karma - so I couldn't resist :)


A blast from the past - very appropriate for karma haha :D

ComeAgainMoon 01-06-2014 07:56 PM

LOL, Freesia....
That was a blast from the past.... Thanks.

grtone 01-28-2014 10:44 PM

Do we just accept karma or can each of us change it
Does anyone know the skill on how to not just accept karma but to change one's karma at the root level? For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, thoughts, words and deeds. There is good karma, bad karma, neutral karma and also karma that one chooses (sometimes), like choosing one's parents to learn a particular lesson, helping them or from past patterns (somewhat like mistakes) vowed never to follow the previous road of re-birth with those types of 'spiritual' leaders ever again thus wasting too much valuable time trying to 'clean' some lesser spiritual leader's mess.

The brilliant light of the entity that earth labels as 'God' is what we all are use to especially in the west, however who is to say there isn't an entity whose light is 100,1000 1billion trillion to the power of a zillion more powerful (just in pure wattage) than the traditional 'bright light' of the entity of 'God' perhaps a Super 'Teacher' that a higher civilization calls by another name?... Ahh Shakespear's Eternal Rose... On this planet there are two types of spiritual teachers those that are effective and those that aren't. This planet has had 2000 years to come up with a solid 'Plan' for world peace and what did 'We' collectively accomplish? the wars got bigger,WWI, WWII and once again humans got too lazy to pick their own damn cotton thus slavery, the genocide of the Native Americans (which numbers were higher the holocaust in Germany during WWII? or the Holocaust of the Native Americans?) Weapons started to get larger and larger from the pistol to the cannon to nuclear weapons. Such a large mass of bad, evil karma. Very disturbing it is. All of this from followers of Biblical Christian teachers. WHY!! Ohh It doesn't matter if it's the Old Testament (the Jews) or the New Testament (Jesus).

The corruption and exploitation of religion for political greed and public image using it for spiritual control (of the masses) like 'creative control' in Hollywood and all media and also 'sexual' control. All to control public opinion!! and distort the Truth?? Lets face it sex sells. As long as its consenting and doesn't hurt anyone is neutral karma it's not the point of 'good' or 'bad' ( Oh I wish not to get into the karma of Damn ugly people, that's a different Master Class altogether) Is it all right for one group to exploit sex for 'their own agenda?? usually political yet someone else is viciously humiliated and attacked verbally and sometimes physically because the 'exploitation' isn't going for 'their' agenda and more important their bank account! All of it so inexcusable! WHY!! I guess the usual Vanity and severely warped Ego?

Evolution is suppose to be going forwards not backwards.

Please, any commentaries would be greatly appreciated

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