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Brit 10-31-2013 12:58 PM

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Happy Halloween!!! May your ghosties and gobblins be smilin'.

Wolfdog 10-31-2013 06:03 PM

For Brit
Happy Halloween to you, too!

PS Growing up with four brothers...you were right! I have been mooned!


Cher O 10-31-2013 08:24 PM

Happy Halloween.
We had lots of trick-or-treaters this year, even some adults reached into the candy bowl. ;) Everyone was so cute and polite. We just hold the bowl out there and let them take what they want. They are seldom greedy. Great kids!

Hope your Halloween was happy too. It's my spiritual birthday! Long story but I love this day. Love to all. C.

P.S. And Brit, they were all smilin'. I still am.

ULLA RUNCHEL 11-01-2013 06:15 AM

Hi Brit

Happy Halloween to you too,...hugs to all.


ShelleyD 11-01-2013 06:50 PM

Haha! That's cute! Boo to you!
Hope you all had a magical Halloween and Happy All Saints Day today!!
New moon on Sat./Sun. and don't forget to turn your clocks back for that extra hour of sleep!! :D

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