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ULLA RUNCHEL 10-28-2013 08:12 AM

Power yur mind to receive miracles.
Make youre own Miracles and keep them in your heart, create a new day for you to live your life in peace and harmony.

Miracles, this card I draw today and it is San Juan, the longest day at the year. We CAN receive everything and anything if we BELIEVE in MIRACLES, I do…even the big thing we ever have dreamt of can be real, if we really, really wanted it to happen and are prepared for it!

Therefore I will sending you the same energy and teleported it over to you who is sitting home and feel sorry, worry or are unhappy………..there is always something we can do, there is always something you can trust and phone to……even them you ever, never would.

Today it is an amazing time to get read of all the old karma, you have with friends, relatives, and kombis around you, flow into the Time of Miracles, open your HEART and soul and let the new energy come into your life,….we know now we can heal ourselves by the power of the mind and replace materie and get new organs etc. with help from a miraculous way of thinking, we know it happens almost everywhere today, thanks to the internet. We know we can use and have power to do this we dream of the whole life, but is insecure to makes it happen, what ever that might be.

This card makes me create and listen to myself and learn from I higher source out there in space, we all belonging to that’s why I am sure we all have the abilities to make a Miracles happen, why always the neighbors or others, why do it always happen for he or her……..IT CAN happen for YOU to.

What I LOVE with all of you here on Shirley World, is the power to TRY and if someone of you my dear friends don’t like the others behave, we understand why the behave could be both way the negative and the positive, thus we know we are “hanging together” in one big circle of friends who will its best for the next, and that’s a miracles in itself.

EVERYONE can receive good things in life, who say it not could be more often than you think, I know we are living in a tuff world, many have very low income and may stay with other people, thus they have now job etc.etc……….but try to turn this energy to a positive and use the power of the mind to learn to give you the time to it is MY TURN to receive MIRACLES, give it a try and let, your own power is more powerful in you think it is.

When we heal another person we can see it helps, when we talk to another person we can feel and see how the person is shining and radiate self-esteem and heard moth after, what they have done to get a better life, from inspiration from the healer etc.etc.

That’s why I feel deep inside me that if other can do it I CAN DO MIRACLES TO.

And what do I mean about MIRACLES, many thing………could be one morning when oneself has hated itself so much and believe oneself can change his/hers life, something within have a connection to the higher self or an angel or God or others, to give support to move on into a totally other direction…….even if everything was impossible, thus even the impossible IS possible, If you believe in MIRACLES.

So let us believe we all can do a difference to the better, know matter big or small miracles is a step to a better situation,,,,,,,,,,this day is a wonderful day thus it is the longest, where we can be together with people we love, friends we care for and share, or others maybe phone to a friend we haven’t seen for ages and say “:Hey, have missed you.whats up do you do something to night, ” , miracles happens all the time it is just look around you, for us spiritually people we have an extra level to deal with we can see so much and flow into the universe have conversation with those who we are connected with and create small MIRACLES with, as healing is.

We can have many conversations how we will receive the good things in life, have a cosmic sight into the future and create our life the next 3-month, witch I always have done since childhood. Even the negative times my spiritually males me creates MIRACLES o come through IT.

We can not expected us huge miracles every day, but we can create the big MIRACLES goner happen if we use the power of the mind to let it happen, karma or not…….this we can change in the same time to.

The last month the universe have giving me many wonderful skills, it is now up to me to create them into my physically life and I need a MIRACLE to let that happen, maybe it was why I draw this card today MIRACLES.

So you see my lovely, dearest friends I BELIEVE. And I have faith to believe in what the universe shown me, to learn and to make me believe by the free will we all have, everything us up to YOU/ME/US.

We ALL belonging to its ALL, and a MIRACLE is also us, so try today have a little talk within you and ask 3 wishes, what will make me happy the next year, write in your HEART, and store it in your SOUL, let the POWER OF YOUR MIND to make this small or big MIRACLES for you.

And look in the sky LOL, we are many who is flying around in the air on a broom LOL..see you in the LIGHT, the City of MIRACLES.

Do a transformational travel…….into this happy energy of love and Miracles.

I love you all, Ulla your friend 4 ever.

Brit 10-31-2013 12:56 PM

Thank you Ulla


ULLA RUNCHEL 11-21-2013 08:38 AM

Hi Brit

You're welcome....hugs to you and all,..here on Shirley¨s awesome E.B.,..Ulla

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