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ULLA RUNCHEL 10-20-2013 01:14 PM

We all stood very still and gently received the rhythm of wisdom
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Mutual Gesture

We came into the white cathedral-like buildings that contained the next wisdom. Silently we flowed into their vibrations of love that softly nestled into our bodies. Very quietly we flowed into the cathedral with the many round diamond domes. We stood side by side; millions of souls from different places in the universe all holding each other’s hands. Automatically one reached out for any new one that entered the temple; a gesture that belongs to this time. We enjoyed the indestructible life happiness that streamed through us. There was no break in the chain, the energy flowed softly through all of us.
There were many different domes in the ceiling, their crystalline, healing sound and light energies gently streamed down to us. Each one of us was healed with the exact, individual, healing dosage. Although we were all physically different, we could still long for the same loving light.
The tones of light filtered and cleaned our bodies, eliminating all the remaining imbalances. The light filters were exchanged and we felt how the domes pulled light and knowledge from the big diamond planet and we felt how they were filled with light-serum. Again they were used as catalysts for the diamond planet to illuminate us with this life-affirming color energy that flowed like music in our organs.
Together we were heightened. We had sent a slide of ourselves together with our consciousness, it became a cosmic exchange with a healing purpose. We encoded a new form in each other’s consciousness together with the cosmic consciousness, enabling all of us to develop the wisdom mutually on all the various planets. Everybody was welcome here and if conscious minds with lower frequencies wanted to enter, they were automatically illuminated by the high frequency of love, appearing as new light beings, ready to help with the transmission of the resources from the treasure box of the universe. The ways of love are past all understanding.
While we were there in unity with the wisdom of the universe, we could pull down the future events of each individual. Some got new and modern ways of healing, formulas for new medicine and new treatment techniques. Others got the collected works of physics, others got mathematics symbols and many other things; it was like being present at the development of a new creation.
We all stood very still and gently received the rhythm of wisdom, coming to us in flowing sound waves. Slowly we let go of each other’s hands. We had received an invaluable light power and had an immense wish to get home and start our new “work”. An invisible energy blew us back to our own life course and we expressed our thanks in the best and most humble way we knew. My space friend and I could wave good-bye to “The White City” where we would always be welcome - like everybody else in the universe.
“The Nine” had been waiting for us. They were right, we had felt at home here. The pure, cosmic love that most everybody on Earth are longing for was there; a love that we do not obtain until our cell structure has heightened itself through the cycle of evolution. Therefore we must live in the present and make the best of the situation we find ourselves in – and go on to create our future.
By/Ulla Runchel.

Lovies Ulla

knblutz 10-21-2013 10:11 PM

Dearest Ulla
Beautiful! and the nine returns!

ULLA RUNCHEL 11-21-2013 08:29 AM

Hi Kris

The Nine is very wise and have a strong divine energy...HUgs Ulla :D

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