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ComeAgainMoon 10-10-2013 03:51 PM

HI Kris! LOL... thanks for sunny reply!
Love and blessings,

Originally Posted by knblutz
Someone said the sun has moved! hahhahajajaja

they meant the earth has shifted....

and if I see any more squirrels eating all my plants and breaking my bird feeder
I would say the weather has made some things go crazy...xoooxxoox

ComeAgainMoon 10-13-2013 08:54 PM

Hi Moon, Hi, Freesia!
I have woven my responses in bold script, within your message, in order to maintain continuity with your statements....

I honestly only reacted to this post because SM said she had bookmarked Suspicious Observers.

I expect, wrongly, I know, that she understand more deeply what us/them and all the other new age stuff relates to in terms of communicating ideas which can change the world. That’s supposed to be the new age hope and dream – creating a new reality - and she says she’s a communicator; that we needed evolution not revolution and other things -

But then I know I’m just projecting my frustrations. I get frustrated seeing ideas I know are good and helpful – being presented in ways that I also know will push people away or not help

You are right that people only believe what they want. But that’s not the whole story.

I truly believe – actually, I know – if we took new age understanding and applied it – we would find a different ways – good intentions are not enough.
I agree, good intentions are not enough.

I mean think of it – you might intend for people to have a good time at your party – but you didn’t know and a guest didn’t know maybe either that they had an allergy to something and so they break out in hives – best of intentions – but ignorance of certain facts affects the outcome.

The thing I find is that people talk about creating a new world and getting rid of the elite but then they ignore the fact that these elite are everywhere and they are not going to give up their power easily.

Of that, I am certain, as well..... The elite will not give up their power, or control, easily! (and these days, it seems that the ruling families of Europe, are to regain control of their kingdoms... in a sense.)

To defeat anything you have to know yourself and your ‘enemy’ and then some.

I’m suggesting this video and this approach – just get up there and tell the ‘truth’ is playing into the hands of the elite.


Well, it’s not just this video but a lot of activism type things.

I think you misunderstand, Freesia, the purpose of this video, is not political. Yes, the host professed his point of view, within this video, but only, as a warning, or reminder. The purpose for suspicious observers, is information, mostly, pertaining to weather conditions and effects of solar and cosmic events. Sometimes a political or social opinion is stated, but that is not the mission.

Earlier this year I was involved with some monetary reformists – and they had the best of intentions too but holy cow – the way they present things – lots of big words – and complicated theories. I mean even when they ‘dumb it down’ from their perspective – trust me – it’s not simple enough for the ordinary person who’s just getting by living day to day – and ordinary people are people who want change too! Why are they constantly ignored?

It’s like that with this video you put up, by the way – good science, yes, - and quite easily understood – but then I know the ideas. I follow plasma cosmology by the way–here’s a linke from the electric universe – a subset of that theory

Thanks for the link!

that’s why I know it’s all true about space and weather etc but I also know that plasma cosmology is not what NASA has followed – they are just starting – NASA IS BEHIND!!!!! (another frustration of mine – global warming wouldn’t have ever been an issue if we knew this stuff and it’s been out there all the time –developed by nobel prize winning scientists and totally ignored – elitism in academia)

The problem is that NASA and many of our scientific institutions are now, being used, to further political agenda.

Anyway, back to the monetary reformists. I tried to share some of what I thought and help consider different strategies – because when you consider all of the new age stuff with communication – new ideas emerge and there’s other opportunities and directions – but they didn’t get it – too invested in the whole activism/how do we change the world model we have which is basically just to stay the course and keep fighting yelling loud, get the word out to the press etc etc - and I got told I was watering things down.

Effective leadership has a lot to do with the progress of political activism. The Shelby County Tea (Memphis TN) Party was able to unseat a state Rep, who was not being true to his word and replace him with a Rep, who stands in the fire of her truth. She is willing to do what she says and doesn't mind taking the heat for it. They also, stopped some very tyrannical legislation, that would allow Animal Control Officers, to carry firearms.... and give them the right to enter a home & monitor food, water and living conditions of the resident's pet. They formulated a series of classes, based upon the techniques that worked for them, to educate other groups and individuals. These techniques work on every level of government and do not require help from the media, or a great deal of expense. They teach classes, in self governance.... which includes learning to write legislation. Yelling doesn't help.... they teach people how to exercise their civic authority and form effective relationships with their elected officials.

And what did happen with all their good intentions to get out the ‘word’ – nothing. Well, actually something did happen and I’m sure you’ll appreciate this – the man who’s ideas I’m talking about is Hellyer – in Canada his ideas would be fantastic – it would really work to help to get rid of the monopolistic power of money creation that exists here..

But guess what, Moon, following the ‘traditional’ activist model he writes the PM and finance minister and that gets picked up by the press gallery – one teeny mention on their site that no one sees (ie no ordinary person) – but all of a sudden (I say with mock surprise) every where you look when you search his name on the internet – like say some ordinary person might if they wanted to know about his monetary reform policies – all you get in the search results are things about how he’s talking about aliens – he believes in ufos – is he crazy??? –things like that.

Coincidence – hah – no.

And in terms of spreading the word - all of a sudden – a huge learning curve becomes even bigger. Not only do people have to understand economics but they also have to understand that believing in ufos does not make you crazy. More time they don’t have to learn things that they have to weed through all the garbage on the internet to even understand – forget it.

I see that you are thinking in larger terms, than I. I'm still taking baby steps..... working on a more, local level, for now.

I understand your frustration with the mockery of those who make public statements about such things as, a belief in UFOs.... and this is what the Elite have taught their useful dupes, to do. They criticize, accuse and personalize their opponent, in an attempt to destroy the reputation of the person's reputation and credibility
. This is a tactic, laid out, in the Communist Manifesto and also, presented in a book, by Saul Alinsky, called "Rules For Radicals.

And so who has it helped? No one. Just because of sticking to an old approach. Einstein said doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is crazy. I agree.


Thing is too, if you know the elite, you knew it would happen. I checked search results before the letter was sent and the press gallery got hold of it and then again afterwards. Before the letter – his monetary reforms were up there – first page – afterwards – nothing but stupid ufo article after stupid ufo article.

A huge learning curve -

So there is where my frustration arises – good ideas – all over – not taking root. Just because we’re doing things the same old way.


Yes, Freesia. We have to learn to be careful with how we present ourselves and our ideas. The Tea Party demonstrators had to learn right away, that they could not allow their message for freedom, independence and constitutional legislation, become tainted, by ignorance, or willful sabotage.... because the opposition openly, encouraged their people, to infiltrate the Tea Party's public protests and carry inappropriate and hateful signage, in an attempt to make it look like the Tea Party demonstrators were hateful, racist and etc... Of course, their attempts did not work, because the Tea Party refused to allow this kind of behavior from anyone who stood with them.... and ...... because we are not that those kinds of people.

Honesty with intelligence and effective presentation and promotion, are essential, to a receptive audience.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Freesia.

All the best,


ban 10-14-2013 06:17 PM

Hi Moon,

I appreciate you trying to understand – your comments have made me realize something -

I think you misunderstand, Freesia, the purpose of this video, is not political.

I don’t see knowing about the elite and not playing into their hands as political, Moon. I see it as spiritual – to support our spiritual growth we have to be aware – and playing into the hands of those who would nip our spiritual growth in the bud is not helping us become free.

I think I should have asked these questions or made these comments under spirituality!

Thanks for listening, Moon.

Freesia :)

ComeAgainMoon 10-16-2013 12:07 PM

Freesia, thanks for the clarification, though I see everything as spiritual, just at different levels. Through my studies and thoughts, I've come to describe spirit, as the movement of consciousness. Politics has spirit, (not holy spirit, but feeling and movement) played out, on a lower level of consciousness.

There are so many beliefs and thoughts about spirit and creation, but I don't understand why you consider the warning to his audience, as playing into the hands of the Elite. Can you explain?

ban 10-18-2013 11:16 PM

Hi Moon,

I've been trying to figure out how to explain -

I understand what you are saying about 'spiritual' and how politics has spirit

(but not the Holy Spirit - although possibly the Holy Spirit sometimes gets through there too - maybe that's the only thing that's kept us from all being slaves - do you know the story of how the man who wrote 'Amazing Grace' was a slave trader for years and then one night 'saw the light'? That's got to be an example of the Holy Spirit and it affected politics at least his politics . . .)

Anyway, I was using the term spiritual more in the sense of higher consciousness.

I am not sure how you understand the elite - for me they are a product of our lower consciousness - those lower level vibrations we've been living in -

So the 'solution' is more like a holistic healing. And in that, the video did not consider potential effects. When you 'warn' people you put them into a position of fear.

Fear motivates but it makes people react. When people react they are closed to learning; closed to reflection; closed to higher levels of consciousness.

Right there, the effect creates the opposite energy than what is needed - we need higher levels of consciousness - which is why I think that considering new age/quantum understandings of how energy works can lead to different solutions. How are vibrations changed?

I think if we investigate this - we can find a permanent solution to this situation of 'elites' (they've been around in one form or another throughout history - I'm sort of tired of this drama - and I would like to try another one! Move towards a real cure not just a remission of the disease.)

Does that make any sense? :confused::)

By the way - I seem to recall you are an Aquarius - do you happen to know your moon sign? (note - I have a weird recall for 'signs' don't ask me why!)

ComeAgainMoon 10-25-2013 12:25 PM

Hi Freesia!
Okay, I understand what you mean about holy spirit. As I mentioned, Politics in of a lower spiritual plane... we agree in our understanding.

I'm not sure that a warning throws people into fear. I think it grabs the attention.... Fear is a very useful, albeit, powerful tool. I wouldn't say it "makes" people react, but it is strong enough to urge reaction from those who don't take the time to think and discern. We can let a warning overwhelm us, or we can use it as a guide of caution, to make a decision based upon the information given, though I do understand your concerns and appreciate your input and information.

I guess, if we can take the information without buying into the emotion, we can use that energy, without propagating any negativity. ???


ComeAgainMoon 10-27-2013 04:30 PM

I've been wondering and contemplating and have decided that I should ask you for a little further explanation of your beliefs about "warnings."

So, are you saying that all forms of warnings motivate fear and so should not be used?

Thanks for any further insight you might be able to provide.


ban 10-29-2013 07:18 AM

Hi Moon,

You are right about warnings and being able to ‘think’ about what to do.

It turns out that there’s three parts to our brains. The oldest, instinctual (lizard) brain is what notices a warning – flashing lights; some sound, an idea – and so on.

Normally, ideally, this warning bypasses the emotional brain (the emotional brain was the second part of the brain to develop) and ends up in the prefrontal cortex (the newest part) – the thinking brain.

So yes, ideally humans will get a warning and then ‘think’ – ‘what can I do?’, ‘what does this mean’, ‘how does this affect me’ and so on.

I keep using the term ideally because it turns out that when a person is stressed the bypass that existed and fed warnings into the thinking brain shifts and the warnings go right into the emotional brain.

The stress that causes this can be emotional, physical or psychological. It turns out, too, that EMF radiation – whether from solar flares, computers, television, cellphones, you name it – that causes stress and the same shift occurs.

In these circumstances, whether they rant and rave or respond quietly, when people get a warning it’s the emotional part of the brain that’s lighting up and being used to act or create the decisions that are made.

If you think about how we all can get ‘testy’ when we’re stressed or tired – more emotional, less rational or willing to compromise and then when we feel better we have different responses - this shift is probably something we can all easily relate to.

You asked – ‘So, are you saying that all forms of warnings motivate fear and so should not be used?’

If we want to simply create teams and be lower level energy political, then having an emotional response as happens with the warnings during times of stress is fine – it will actually support team building because emotional reactions do just that.

But if we want to raise the vibrations and allow for a bit more of that ‘Holy Spirit’ to enter the world and help people free themselves from enslavement (permanently) then we have to allow for them to be truly understanding.

Which means, during stressful times, to recognize that anything that triggers that emotional reaction is divisive because it causes people to react and creates teams – people fall back into the positions they know; they dismiss important information and that keeps things the way they are.

It seems self-sabotaging then if people use the warnings technique at the moment.

ComeAgainMoon 10-31-2013 06:57 AM

Hi Freesia,
Thanks for your reply. I was thinking this and I think that BECAUSE emotion is the energy of movement, it is often USED, to move people, to react. Warnings can be used, to induce emotion so that people move in an intended direction. Sometimes, this can be a good thing. It all depends upon "intent." If someone is about to be clobbered by a falling rock, a powerful and expedient warning is well, intended. If "the British are coming" with the intent to slaughter the occupants of a town or village, a warning of impending disaster is, in my opinion, a positive and appropriate, act of intent for those people to react.

I think we often, separate the idea of reaction, from the idea of reaction with thought, or training. Like A pilot trains for emergency situations, so that he can act quickly and without emotion, but also, without thought. Our subconscious is able to take over, instantly and it performs, automatically.

For many years, I studied a psychology called, HUNA. It is a study of the 3 selves of man, much like you mentioned. The difference is in the view of the 3 selves. What you call the "Lizard" brain, HUNA identifies as the Subconscious. In Hawaiian, it is called "Unihipili." (OO-NEE-HIP-PEELEE) Sometime we call it the "low self," or "the little self," because it is like a child. It has no language, but understands desire and emotion. It holds all of our personal mana (energy) and loves to please us and will take direct orders, when we make the right connection. Unihipili takes care of all our bodily functions, without concentrated thought. When we learn, by repetition, training, or muscle memory, we can react in an instant and without conscious thought. If I forget where I put something, I ask my Unihipili to show me where it is.... and usually, within seconds, or minutes, I remember where the item is, or I "happen upon it." (and yes, trust is involved)

Our conscious self, Uhane (OO-HAW-NAY), is the part of self that uses conscious thought and deduction. This is the part of us that observes, recognizes and realizes.

The Third self, is our Aumakua (OW-MAH-COO-AH). This is our high self, or Superconscious. The part of us that is connected to our creator and all that is.

HUNA teaches that if we wish to be in contact, or communion with God, we must be connected on all three levels. Unihipili makes this connection for the conscious self.

Man is made up of 3 selves, just like the Holy Trinity is 3 Gods in One.....

AUMAKUA: The Father, Creator, Soul
UHANE: The body, Son Of God, physical
UNIHIPILI: The Holy Spirit, mover, emotion

Oh...... I hope you don't mind my interpretation.... it just, all, came flooding back and I look forward to more of your thoughts.

Highest blessings,

ban 12-13-2013 09:23 PM

Hi Moon,

Wow, I didn’t realize it’s been so long since your post. I’m sorry for the delay. I didn’t mind your interpretation – I was quite surprised when you mentioned Huna because it was Huna that I first studied when I was starting to try to figure out how all of the ‘psychic’ stuff works.

I was impressed by Huna because it respected the power of the emotional self. I have found that eastern and western paths seem to be afraid of this part of humanity – or say ‘rise above’ your emotions neither point of view ever resonated with me because no only have I ‘felt’ my way through life but I have felt other people’s stuff all the time too – and I KNOW when they are lying to themselves – but you can’t tell them because they honestly don’t feel what I feel from them. It’s very weird.

Oh, by the way, I have a theory – it sort of relates to the Jungian idea of people being dominant feelers or thinkers – you know what I mean? Anyway that’s not really important – but see I’ve always thought that the academics of the world – the people who ‘run the show’ – are more thinkers not really in touch with their emotions exactly. Whereas the ‘common every day rustic’ (a term I take from the movie EverAFter – did you see that? Quite fascinating in terms of the ideas of ‘truth’ or ‘fairy tale’ and a great interpretation in my opinion) – the rustic, they weren’t educated out of being in touch with that emotional part of them. So they were seen as ‘lesser’.

I think the anti-intellectualism is a sort of backlash to this attitude. That’s not good either since it’s out of balance as well.

Which sort of brings me back to Huna. I finally found a spiritual philosophy in which I recognized my experiences and understanding.

I’m not sure what you mean by Holy Spirit –in terms of it relating to Unihipili because I’m not quite sure of what that means – but I understood that the Unihipili was the part of us that could connect to our higher self most easily.

On the other the higher self had a hard time getting through – the Uhane – the conscious mind.

And right there I think that explains a lot of our problems today – too much ‘in your head’ stuff.

But the problem is – people are, in reaction, to heal, turning to their emotions and thinking that just feeling was all they needed. And Huna knew – that though the Unihipili – emotional self – could more easily connect to the Higher self – it also was easily misled by emotions of others and the spirit world.

I think this matches what all sorts of spiritual paths say – that the spiritual realms can be this huge temptation for people on the road to enlightenment. And here we have the source – the person opens to their emotional self – links with spirit and energy and is then misled – following that ‘magic’ as if it is the higher self/superconscious or connection to God/or God you might as well say.

What you said about emotions making people do things is true. I read that there were something like 7 emotions that motivated people to act. Fear was one and I think hope or love – anyway some positive ones were there. I have been wondering about energy though so I wonder if a message is using fear – and so it puts more fear out there in the world – then how does that help over all?

I know that this video is on a site where the idea of the ‘elite’ is not a scary thing. My comment initially was in considering the idea and expressing it to people who are not on the suspicious observer site.

Every audience needs a different approach.

There’s something you might like to know about the internet too – basically it’s not really helping to create a world where people learn things because the search engines are geared to give back to people what they already have searched on. Remember when you posted your song about the Cowgirls and guns? I didn’t know that this was an actual event. If I had, I never would have commented the way I did. When you were angry about what I said (my assumption since you responded eventually, if I remember correctly in red letters and all caps) I really couldn’t figure out why you were so angry since my perception was that it was just a story.

I was stunned to realize it was an actual event. I thought if it was that big of a story – why hadn’t I heard about it. And the reason is – I don’t search on the things you search on so what the engines feed back to me is different from what you get. I put in cowgirls and guns and the story came up on the second or third page.

Part of that could have been because I live in a different country – but I read that people who are in the same country, same jobs, same political affiliations even can have different results based on what they have previously searched. Since most people don’t look past the first couple of pages of results – that means instead of opening our minds to new things, the internet is reinforcing what we already believe.

You will start to see the world more and more through your own glasses – and that means more and more isolation between groups of individuals. Instead of people finding their similarities and finding things on which to build (and what but that will eventually erode the power of any ‘elite’?) – people find their differences reinforced and that basically means we end up with a modern day version of ‘tribalism.

Not so much of a coincidence that the term ‘my tribe’ is coming back into use.

Anyway, to round up – I just want to say – if this information is important for everyone – and I believe it is – it’s not the people who are already believers or already on the ‘suspicious observer’ site that need to be told – it is, truth be told, the people who have followed the democratic or liberal point of view since they have been told a story in order to promote environmental legislation.

And before it sounds like I’m saying ‘dumb liberals’ I would like to add that every single party looking for power does this – free trade is another case in point and I know you probably promote that. So if you want to talk about why that serves the elite - :) I’d be happy to go there:) - remembering of course, the Huna wisdom that our emotions can be misled and get carried away – by spirits and just in general.


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