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FrankFromCanada 09-13-2013 06:55 PM

Poem- You Die Energetically

You die energetically,
and spiritually inside you

when it is no longer necessary

to hold onto what is not you

in your inner, in your outer.

Innerdying only feels

like you are dying,

because you are on the inside,

but you are not on theoutside.

And in this KIND OF dying,

you are actually giving birth

to you, and becoming a beginning,
as you were meant TOBE and to

live as a true warrior found

in what some call the resting place.

True warriors grieve

while saying goodbye

to what was AND is no longer

part of them inside or outside

as they give birth to their truest


Losing,or losses, must be grieved

in what some call theresting place.

A true warrior knows

nothing lost is ever

totally freed without


Grieving losses

sets you, the warrior,


Only true losses

can be grieved,


therein lies the gain

in grieving TRUE losses.

Grieving true losses


what is not you

from you, and converts

these AND false losses,

THAT which you

think is you

but is not,

into true power.

This is the dying,

the giving of birth,

the true warrior

aligns with

and finds, always

in what some call the resting place.

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