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FrankFromCanada 09-13-2013 06:40 PM

Odd Thoughts...
Days come and days go and all that is in between makes the end of one
The beginning of two or the other and even if days do not come and go
Everything in between is just what happens between now and now
And it is only now we have and what is constantly changing or does
The past change and the future change even if we are no longer in it
Or reaching for it?

OneLight 09-25-2013 11:49 AM

hmmm, interesting thoughts Frank.
Somehow, I think the past and future does change,
moment by moment, because we are always in
vibrational movement-thought by thought.

We've heard it said "you can't change the past".
Best to forget about it, release it, move on.
Good advice, but sometimes an event is such that
it proves too difficult for some to do that.
But, as time passes, and hopefully our experiences
since then have grown our awareness, we can look
back at that past event with new "eyes", new perception,
and in doing that, could one consider it as changing the
past?...not the event itself, but how we are newly
seeing it, feeling it?

Just pondering along with you :)


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