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frogborg 08-20-2013 10:56 PM

I think I've told this before on these boards - but yes I have seen UFO's when hiking back from Choquequirao in Peru. The site in itself is pretty unusual. I was with a group of 18 - one of the first large groups allowed to go into the site after an avalanche had uncovered a large lower portion of the ruins. They were discovered at the same time as Machu Pichu but it wasn't realized how extensive they were until this avalanche revealed the extensiveness of this place.
A few of the group had claimed that they had seen strange lights in the sky the night we camped at the top of the site. The rest of us were a bit suspect of it all until we reached camp the next evening. When we were in the food tent we started to talk about it and one of the Dr's in the group said that she had definitely seen these lights as well... just like the ones....and she pointed out the tent flap door and there they were. I was traveling with Dr's, a Navy Seal, an X CIA military man and my husband - all trained to be skeptic type of people and we were all just blown away.
These lights dropped down into a communication with one another and then in a nano second flew straight across to the other side of the sky line of peaked mountains that line the Andes. These lights played all night long, zipping up in a blink of an eye, sideways and rotating around one another. These maneuvers were physically impossible by anything that I've ever seen flying in the sky.
My guess is - after seeing these very peculiar ruins at Choquequirao - that this area has been fairly active for a very long time. Look the site up and tell me what you think.
xo Froggie ;)

Angelwings1 08-29-2013 10:43 AM

Star Beings
I Haven had any encounters...directly...however I have seen the star beings from another planet...they we very Loving....and all they wanted was to show there kindness....then gave me instructions on a crystal...to get tobe able to feel the vibration all the time...I did this and much to my surprise...it did brings
lighter vibrational feelings....I feel i may have had an encounter because I feel to adverse to the greys...it makes me feel very uncomfortable...


S_Amberly 09-01-2013 01:18 PM

I would love to experience one of the kinder star beings. Sounds so wonderful.

The greys are just f****** a*******. You'd think with so much technology they could figure out how to be more humane. I don't like to be vulgar but I'd love to give them my middle finger. Oh if it weren't for the paralysis. . .

PAULA CAMPOS 09-03-2013 05:54 AM

I am happy to announce that I have had a close encounter with a little green man in the 1990s - well his huge black eyes hypnotised me from a toy shop - an inflatable ET ...so I bought it and had it in my room for ages!!! LOL

but I never saw a real one.
My aunt did see a flying saucer in the sky in Africa when I was a toddler my mother told me the other day.

As everybody knows technology can be used in a negative or destructive way so I suppose there are good and bad aliens in the universe.

ULLA RUNCHEL 09-04-2013 05:53 AM

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Hi Shirley

Just a glimpse of experiencies:

Many years ago, I was humbly allowed to look into the Temple of Wisdom. Ever since I was a little girl, I always had a cosmic friend in my consciousness who took me with him on exploring voyages in space. Today again, he reached softly for my hand.
“Let us go on a trip to the stars”, he said with flowing, smiling, comforting, loving light energies. I followed him silently and we entered the spaceship.
“Where would you like to go?” His eyes beamed with affection, he wanted to show me the universe. I sent back that it would be exciting to visit the twelve transparent moons, where I had my last incarnation. This is a complete universe that people in space call “the twelve balls of metamorphosis” or “the twelve universes”.

We made ourselves comfortable and looked into the universe: Infinitely beautiful. “They” had already “received” our arrival and reported back that we were welcome. With a speed that I can hardly explain – we flew through sound waves of twelve-digit rainbows with an inexplicable frequency of vibration, raising my vibration to a greater clarity. I could see the cosmos from a higher octave and my mind became automatically transparent. It was hard for me to keep up with it. My space friend gave me an understanding look and held my hand. I do not know how long we sat there, I felt as if time stood still. Far away I saw 12 twinkling planets. The 12 moons encircle the seven universes in a geometric pattern. They are used as connecting links between the planets and the universes, their specific function is to maintain the energy stream and keep it flowing eternally between all the planets. They are a kind of small universe within the universes. The power of their light is strong and constant like flowing catalysts of light and darkness, keeping balance in the cosmic spheres. They are also called the cosmic Mother Planets. They could possibly be some of the first planets of the universes, having been “midwives” to the birth of the rest of the universe. They also assist in reflecting the light of a neutrino molecule (these molecules can only be activated through a special Celeste blue light frequency) in a particular light structure, thus giving life to a new cell, which slowly develops into a star or a new planet.

Love Ulla

ULLA RUNCHEL 09-04-2013 05:57 AM

Hi again

Hi Shirley

I dont think people is prepared for be in contact with extraterrestrial in "live",..99%,..would be very afraid and scared . I am sure of the e.t.ies, will show up one day..nobody knows when..but if such a situation could happen for me, I would try to talk to them, if it is the same Space people I am talking to since childhood,..Thus they are looking like you and me,..only one, he got a more transparent skin and is very, very intilligent.

Elswhere I would talk and say thank you, for all they have done for me, they have given me lots of new healing drawings and new Health tech, for the future..

Maybe (ihope dearly) there is more people like me, WHO knowing they are not fare away, and some have been incontact with "them", and WHO "them",..because I have seem them , doesnt mean that they all are alike those I see........Would it alter in my life?...I dont know..only say I would be glad..that what I have seen always..other could see to.!

Emotionally it would change my life totally,..physically a u-turn to my belief system,.that "I am not crazy,"..I told you so.....to my surrouned friends,etc., Mentally I would be free for the first time in my life.....

And then.......LOL,...what would the World leaders say?? The sciencetist ect.ect.....and I think the people in Space know...they will scare us on this Little planet,..if they came here one morning walking around on the streets LOL,..between us and use their power of the mind...to everything they do.

Love Ulla

Angelwings1 09-07-2013 09:07 PM


you can see the star beings...all you have to do is ask them to come...and they
will...to bring some peace back to your soul

love and light AW :)

S_Amberly 09-17-2013 03:50 PM

Thank you Angelwings. : ) I just reread my earlier post and, wow, I was feeling angry that day!

ULLA RUNCHEL 09-18-2013 02:04 AM

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Hi to all

It was a Saturday 31 August, 1996.

I remember clearly I have in a long time pain in my hips I couldn't endure the it anymore, and my shoulder was in pain to, it was very hard for me to get up . It was early in the morning , I was in my summerhouse by the see and the sunrise was smiling at me through the little window, I was nearly in a alpha state, when I saw a huge Ufo, far away bringing me up through the white stream column/ a bio-energetic elevator.

Halfway up I decide to be on the "ground" in my bed where I was lieing before I was on the way up, and I began to heal myself. The people in the spacecraft smiled at me and was aware of my own power of the mind I wanted to heal myself.

If not, they normally helped me.

The Ufo was huge the same I saw in Florida, Broward County where we had a condo, Palm Air.

I started to heal my hips and shoulders, arms....that was the first time I did this, and after a short time 45 minute, the healing was over.

It took 3 days and some hours, then the pain was disappeared and I haven't felt pain since then.

The telepathy connection with the people in the Ufo is always there, I can use the way they have done it for light years ago, and they have shown me since many different ways to heal our self etc.etc. the little drawing is from that day, I found it the other day in my dream book by/ Il mago di Napoli , Achille d`Angelo.

This old book is given to me by a unknown lady, she gave it to me in the street, and nobody haven't seen here before or after. She just disappeared. (maybe she was a walk-inn) .

I am writing in Danish that the Heavens ceiling opened and a whole new Universe came to sight, I saw many universes behind this. on the way up in the huge Ufo.

Love and light

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