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bubbles 08-05-2013 08:42 PM

In lieu of a Poem..
A channeled essay!

Reality or Delusion

I propose that the root lesson in all religions is the recognition of the role of the ego in our creations (and the problems we face within them)

From the presupposition that the reality of our own demise provides the impetus to come to terms with the nature of our existence, and provides the context for a religious belief, and that the aspect of the ego (if not taken into consideration) rapidly subverts any accumulated knowledge into a cannon influenced by selfishness and fear, and that the ego assumes control of our experiences thru the imposition of a subjective morality that manages to inhibit the level of consciousness by limiting the possibilities to be entertained by our awareness thereby retaining dominance within our conscious faculty thru fear of and defense from the uncommon to which selfishness and fear will respond aggressively in order to dispel threat and insure it's own continuence...

We could conclude...

..That reason propels the mind towards truth, and that unacknowledged aspects of fear and self-interest that belong in the realm of the ego will influence reasoning to accept appealing concepts that can result in blind faith of religious dogma, and that vigorous new religions having sprung from the roots of a parent religion that became predisposed towards salvation thru ritual and tradition, will themselves quickly succumb to the pressure to formalize and institutionalize, thereby creating a governing body that profits; And that the recognition of the inhibiting aspects of the ego upon the reasoning faculty provides insights into the evolution of a religious doctrine from one of perceived truth, unity and equality to one that condones violence and slavery; And that released from the bondage imposed by the unacknowledged aspects of fear and self-interest the mind can elevate into higher conscious awareness that can better plumb the depths.

(An oldie but goodie :) )

bubbles 08-06-2013 08:50 AM

Dumplings aren't my favorite dish; I might take them with a grain of salt
or leave them at the side of the plate.

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