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SandraHelton 07-22-2013 06:51 AM

Happy Birthday Leo!
The sun enters Leo today at 11:56 AM EDT so happy birthday to all of you solar babies. This week the sun will form a dynamic angle to Saturn in Scorpio that gets the attention of all Leo's about life in general and prompts making a few decisions. Keys are management and order. Take your time dealing with any issues that might arise. Venus helps you to be creative with finances and you may develop a new interest or fascination. There is protection around you like having a guardian angel very close and an unfolding nurturing from divine sources. Read more about what's happening for you in our column.

This week’s astrology column: It’s a Stop & Go Kind of Time as Aquarius & Leo Engulf the Whole of the Earth / The Sun enters Leo, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury is direct, Venus takes a prominent role once in Virgo and the Sun square Saturn angle prompts each to find their place in the scheme of events. A practical and spiritual approach, daily details plus an affirmation and visualization based on current celestial placements.

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