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Lightbeam 07-17-2013 01:14 PM

Discusion of Yoda Sutra #802
Friends were discussing what they thought the following quote meant and I thought some of you might like to offer one of your own after reading both the quote and my opinion.

"Not an answer to anything enlightenment is, it is simply bringing you to this moment with your total consciousness. An answer to any question, it is not; it is simply coming back home" ~ Yoda Sutra #802

The clue for understanding the above was provided for me in the first part of the statement. “Not an answer to anything enlightenment is”.

An answer is a conclusion or a body of information that reveals meaning. The body of information from which meaning is abstracted is by its very nature a boundary of limitation which excludes all that is not relevant to the expression of its specific meaning. As such it can not be symbolic of an enlightened state. That which abstracts the information from such has no limitation and thus is enlightened.

The second part of the first sentence, “it is simply bringing you to this moment with your total consciousness.”, reiterates that consciousness is only a perceptual reflection lighted by that which defines or creates its meaning.

The third part of the statement, “an answer to any question. It is not; it is simply coming back home.” speaks to the fact that an answer is only the drama enacting an expression (form) that denotes meaning which can be perceived and recognized via consciousness awareness. That consciousness is the activity enacting the awareness that perceives and absorbs the illusion of separation.

Enlightenment is; neither becoming or ending; that which is perceived or defined as enlightenment can not or ever be the actuality of enlightenment.

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