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Norma Rae 06-14-2013 07:15 AM

The Dhammapada
Picked up my copy of The Dhammapada (a pretty contemporary translation by Gil Fronsdal) and have started reading through it again before morning meditations. "Randomly" turned to these stanzas of verse 23 and thought you all would connect with it as I did/do:

"If you find an intelligent companion,
A fellow traveler
A sage of good conduct,
You should travel together,
Delighted and mindful,
Overcoming all dangers.

If you do not find an intelligent companion,
A fellow traveler
Of good conduct and wise,
Travel alone,
Like a king renouncing a conquered kingdom,
Like the elephant Matanga in the forest."


Namaste to you all from the Midwest . . . my fellow travelers and intelligent companions . . . I am delighted and mindful to be traveling together with you all . . .


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