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Lightbeam 06-09-2013 03:31 PM

Male and female interconnectiveness
For the masculine to understand the feminine there has to be empathy or an emotional reaction that can establish a connection between the male and female. If the masculine wants to offer knowledge or energy via information, intent, by way of the seeds, energy, he implants within the feminine, he serves Source best when he follows and satisfies Source intent dramatized or enacted by the feminine expression. She is the code or word manifesting Source intent. For the feminine to animate and give birth to a new form or expression she must receive the sound or vibration of the masculine presence that animates or invigorates the form or her feminine presence. He can only do that by both experiencing and defining, thus activating the feminine presence from within the form she presents and the environment he perceives. The masculine clothed with the feminine form recognizes and sounds the instruction of Source intent. In the doing becomes the manifesting blueprint or seed that will induce the creation of a new life expression. If the feminine is agreeable, stabilized or fertile, she will not only receive the knowledge or wisdom of Source intent via the masculine presence she will also replicate or manifest the instruction of Source intent within a newly created form.

The masculine is most productive if he comprehends the wisdom inherent to the feminine form thereby enabling him to understand and consciously participate with the creation of new life expressions. If the masculine does not possess the wisdom to consciously experience, assimilate and define the intelligence inherent to the feminine presence there is no stabilization of the duality that is necessary to make the feminine aspect passive and willing to accept the fertilized seeds that could grow within her prepared womb eventuating in the rebirth of a form with expanded life awareness and presence. Such lack can and does perpetuate the status quo but it can not and will not induce the creation of new forms wherein life can exist and express increasing levels of Source love and will. The masculine provides, via the feminine the blue print, intent underlying the form the feminine expresses and gives birth too. The feminine is dependent upon the masculine to give her definition and the masculine is dependent upon the feminine to experience and define the knowledge that provides wisdom and self awareness for both.

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