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patswife 05-25-2013 05:39 PM

Does anyone have any thoughts about this:
Where does "art" come from? Whether it be painting, writing, singing, designing or whatever talent you choose to name. Where does this inspiration seem to come from? Is it from past lives? Or is there some influence urging one to pursue a certain road?
I have often wondered where "talent" comes from. And why do some of us seem to have an abundance of it and others not so much. Can we cultivate talent? People like Shirley seem to be born with it and it seems to be her destiny. But can it be learned?
Would love to hear the opinions of all of you!

bubbles 05-31-2014 09:07 AM

I remember someone maybe a decade ago mentioning that Shirley had prepaid for this life, as if 'talent' is a gift cultivated.

From my own experience of 'Rapture' preceding 'Tribulation' I think talents can be produced outside of ourselves and transmitted to the recipient.

I don't know if "Selling our souls to the devil" or 'Doing Good Works' can actually provide for our future talents; But I am of the opinion that talents could be a product of a group of minds working out of sight, perhaps slaves 'doing as they were done by'.

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