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Azure 05-25-2013 01:13 AM

whatever happened to?
Suzanne Turner - the actress who played the mermaid Ms. Minerva, on a 7 min. live action TV show: Diver Dan?
Does anyone know? The IMDB states her role on the TV series, but that is all... Frank Freda the actor who portrayed DIVER DAN, ended up being a playwrigjht and eventually left showbiz to work in Realty.
Another bio states he was married to Ruth Warrick in 1973 but the 2 divorced in 1974.
Ruth Warrick was a featured actress on the soap All My Children. She died several years ago and was 84.
Does anyone know if Frank Freda is still around?

Cher O 05-25-2013 05:13 PM

Dear Azure,
Freda is a prize-winning playwright and recipient of the Waldo Bellow Award for the play Lunchtime. He has acted in many TV commercials including ones for Pall Mall and Budweiser. He was one of the earliest Ronald McDonalds. He is currently a business consultant in New York City. His agent is on skype under name lightningstore.

Unable to follow Suzanne Turner.... Love, C.

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