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Norma Rae 05-23-2013 06:05 AM

Well, perhaps we should explore another line or two from The Camino. I've got a question that I bet a lot of you know more about than I, so I am curious to get your feedback and insight. And the topic is vanilla:


"I tossed and turned in my sleeping bag (which wasn't easy), and when I woke, I felt a kind of protective presence. It was accompanied by the smell of vanilla. I looked around to see if someone was applying perfume. No. This was not the place. People were dressing and sleepily muttering among themselves. The sweet vanilla scent grew stronger. It was Ariel!" (p. 166)(emphasis added).

"We embraced. I felt tears threaten, so I turned and walked away into the hills. As soon as I said good-bye, Ariel returned. The smell of vanilla was all around me." (p. 176)(emphasis added).


Alright everyone. I've no creative interpretations (at the moment) for the vanilla-Ariel connection. Insights anyone? I've seen from the EBoard that many of you are very much well versed in angels and their qualities, etc. Can't wait to hear from you!

Namaste from the springy/almost summery Midwest,

patswife 05-25-2013 05:55 PM

I was just looking at your references in my own book. On page 168, Shirley quotes Ariel as saying "Continue walking. You fear nothing but fear. Fear itself does not exist."
I suppose this was an angel entity talking to Shirley as she was approaching the wild dogs. I believe angels do assist us, especially if we ask for help.
Personally, I have asked Michael for help a few times and have been helped. Are you familiar with Doreen Virture? She absolutely advocates asking angels for help. BUT she says you have to ask.
Try it, it works!

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