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Daniel Deveron Baker 04-25-2013 12:18 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! - April 24, 2013 - Part 1 of 4
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Yesterday, after finishing my work shift and chores,
I posted your Happy Birthday Greeting on Facebook.
Then, I thought I would do the same thing on your
web site, ShirleyMacLaine.com. I found out that I
couldn't post under my old membership, DanBaker,
so I re-registered with Independent Expressions (IE)
as Daniel Deveron Baker (just like on Facebook). I
say re-registered, because, years ago, I never could
sign in to my IE Account. I also never got one of my
orders. At the time, you and your staff were having
a lot of problems with busy schedules, web site bugs,
and people problems; so, out of love and consideration
for all of you, I never mentioned it. I only mention it
here in case you wonder why I never joined before. I
did! Things just didn't work out way back then, and I
soon became too busy with disabled and terminally ill
loved ones to do much online for a few years. I didn't
have the time nor the energy to pursue it. Please don't
give it another thought! (I really don't want to, either).
Anyway, Dear Heart, at some point last night, after I
ate my dinner, I fell asleep at the keyboard (as I often
do). When I woke up enough to function again, it was
no longer April 24th. So please forgive me for posting
this, my first post as a fully paid member, on April 25th!
FYI, I had 61 Posts, from 10-23-2000 to 4-24-2004, as
DanBaker. I never posted under any other identity on
ShirleyMacLaine.com. As of today, 04-25-2013, all my
new posts will be as Daniel Deveron Baker. Moving on...

This is what I posted yesterday on your Facebook Page:
If I still lived in Southern California, I would have
made the AFI Event tonight. I am a member! What
a treat it would have been, to spend the evening
with you AND Aurora! I had a local florist deliver
a Birthday Bouquet to the front desk for you. My
only wish is that those 24 perfect premium roses
added a special little something to the joy of your
evening. God bless you, Dear One! LOVE, LIGHT,
..And here's a little something to add LAUGHTER
to those wishes...

This is the song that goes with the Birthday Bouquet..
Misty Roses - Johnny Mathis

And, last but not least...

Do you remember your 2004 Birthday Scrapbook that
Brit put together for you? My post is #3...

2004-04-24 - ShirleyMacLaine.com
Birthday Posts for Shirley MacLaine

03-11-2004, 09:21 AM
Join Date: Apr 2002
Posts: 2,847

Send birthday wishes to Shirley

It’s a surprise!!!

I'm reasonably confident that she will not have time to look at the boards between now as she is in the middle of a very heavy production schedule for In Her Shoes. We are planning a surprise for her 70th birthday. We are creating a scrapbook filled with birthday wishes from the visitors and members of the ShirleyMacLaine.com community, as well as from her IE Radio guests. If you would like to carry it a bit further and briefly tell her what she means to you or what her site means to you, please do.

We need your birthday wishes as soon as possible as the book is already beginning to grow.

Anyone that would like to send birthday wishes to Shirley please address them to celebrate@shirleymaclaine.com

I know she would love to hear from you!


Brit Elders
CEO - ShirleyMacLaine.com


(Continued in Part 2 of 4)...

Daniel Deveron Baker 04-25-2013 01:04 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! - April 24, 2013 - Part 2 of 4
04-24-2004, 02:15 AM

Junior Member
Join Date: 10-23-2000
Posts: 61

Re: Send birthday wishes to Shirley
April 24, 2004


Your friend Brit came up with this neat idea of putting together a Birthday Tribute Scrapbook for you. She asked us to briefly write about what you, and your site, mean to us!

Well.. Asking me to be brief when expressing the contents of my heart would be like asking you to eliminate every other chapter in your latest book ("Out On A Leash"). It would be short and pithy and still quite readable, but the heart and soul of it would be seriously compromised.

***** What do you, Shirley MacLaine, mean to me? *****

This is what I wrote in my first post on your brand new web site three and a half years ago…

Subject: Messages to Shirley
Posted by: DanBaker
Posted on: Tuesday, October 24th 2000 at 12:28 am
Thread info: 2 Replies, 5 Items in Thread

After carefully studying the listed TOPICS available on the Encounter Board, I could not find a place to post a message to Shirley.

Angels & Spirits?

Well, she IS a bit of an angel for sharing her enormous
talents and adventures with us.

UFOs & Extraterrestrials?

I think Shirley MacLaine IS absolutely out-of-this-world fantastic!


(Just kidding, Shirl!).

No, I just couldn't find a special place where we can post tributes to this remarkable and wonderful woman. So I am starting one here!

Shirley, of all the famous people I can think of on Earth, you are one of those whom I admire the most. I am in absolute AWE of you!

From your incomparable and unsurpassed talent as an actress, a singer, a dancer, and an author, to your spiritual depth and the tremendous bravery it took to share your personal growth with the World, I respect, admire, and love you.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and in deepest sincerity, for all your wonderful gifts that you have shared with us all.

God bless you, Dear Shirley!

With Love, Your Brother in Spirit, Dan. 10-23-00.

Entire Thread
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• Messages to Shirley DanBaker Tue Oct 24 2000 00:28
• Re: Messages to Shirley realtor Fri Oct 27 2000 01:49
• Re: Messages to Shirley DanBaker Tue Nov 28 2000 23:39
• Re: Messages to Shirley Druid Thu Nov 30 2000 21:04
• Re: Messages to Shirley Shirley MacLaine Mon Dec 11 2000 22:47

Three and a half years later, my feelings remain basically the same, only more so.

I always knew who Shirley MacLaine the actress was, but I never followed your work in that profession until I became aware of your interest in Spirit. Something "clicked" within me, and from that moment on, I became interested in learning more about your work as an entertainer.

Over three years later, I've still only managed to see about half of your films and a couple of your specials I bought at auction. I'm so busy, I have CDs and VTs still unopened!

But what I've seen so far has impressed me enormously. I cannot believe the scope and the breadth and the multi-faceted layers of your incomparable talent!

How did I manage to miss so much cinema MAGIC over the years?

Shirley, I cannot honestly think of ANY other film artist who comes even CLOSE to the talent you possess before the cameras. And, after studying "Bruno" (later renamed "The Dress Code") several times, as one would study any great work of art, I find your vision and skill as a director both considerable and exciting. I can't wait to see future films directed by you!

At the same time I was buying your films, I was also exploring your work as an author. I now own EVERY hard cover book you wrote (many first editions and some signed), except for "Out On A Leash" which has not arrived yet.

When that one arrives, I will have all ten of your books:

1. "Don't Fall Off The Mountain" (1970)
2. "You Can Get There From Here" (1975)
3. "Out On A Limb" (1983)
4. "Dancing In The Light" (1985)
5. "It's All In The Playing" (1987)
6. "Going Within" (1989)
7. "Dance While You Can" (1991)
8. "My Lucky Stars" (1995)
9. "The Camino" (2000)
10. "Out On A Leash" (2003)

I discovered that one cannot get to know YOU by watching your films. You are such an incredibly gifted actress, that all one sees is the CHARACTER you portray in each and every film. You give each character a life all their own.

But if one studies your BOOKS, it is there that the wondrous Spirit known to the World as Shirley MacLaine introduces herself, shares both heart and soul, astonishes us with her global adventures, charms us with her wit and wisdom, endears herself to us with her unabridged honesty, amazes us with her spiritual growth and ever-deepening knowledge, and indelibly and eternally imprints herself within our minds and hearts.

TEN books in the short span of just 33 years! All autobiographical. All very well written, enormously interesting, and permeated with the good and loving Spirit that is YOU.

With each new installment of your life that you shared with us, the World came to know you a little bit more. After ten books, I think we know you quite well! And, Shirley.. To KNOW you is to LOVE you!

As you learned more about Spirit, you courageously shared your newly acquired knowledge and understanding with others. You generously and unselfishly shared yourself with the World in every way you could: Books, seminars, interviews, world travel, and personal service with others who were trying to promote peace and love and make the world a better place for all.

Even when on stage doing your fabulous shows, you always found a way to include a song, a story, a parable, a personal thought, promoting unconditional love, peaceful coexistence, and acceptance for others no matter what their personal truth may be.

And then, in 2000, you launched ShirleyMacLaine.com, not as a commercial venture, but out of the goodness of your heart; as yet another way to share with the World the enormous gifts of Spirit that live within you. As a result of your considerable hard work, personal expense, and unlimited vision, yet another beautiful expression of your limitless love was freely given to the World.

"Sharing, compassion and knowledge is the reason for this site", you said in your Encounter Board post of 8-30-03. All three are qualities that you possess in abundance!

***** What does ShirleyMacLaine.com mean to me? *****

Your web site has allowed me to "come out of the closet" with regard to the deeply held spiritual beliefs I've had all my life. YOUR truth, as it turns out, is identical to MY truth.

I, too, speak the language of Spirit, and I speak it fluently. My understanding of Spirit, of eternity, of "space and time", of life throughout the Universe and in other dimensions, and of unconditional love, is on par with your own. But, until YOU inspired me with your courage in speaking publicly about these things, I remained mostly silent. Very few knew the heart and soul of me.

But now, because of the wonderful forum for expression you provided us with on ShirleyMacLaine.com, I have been able to open up and share the content of my heart at last. I'm among my own kind here. I'm both at ease and at home here.

In participating in this online community that you provided, I realized that I have made great personal progress in this incarnation. Until I spoke openly about my feelings for a very special woman ("Ruby")--feelings that may or may not be returned one day--I did not realize just how far I had evolved spiritually in this incarnation.

Shirley, through your web site, I realized that I have truly mastered Unconditional Love this time around. I have finally nailed it!

The following excerpts will illustrate what I discovered about myself, thanks to YOU and your web site…

(Continued in Part 3 of 4)...

Daniel Deveron Baker 04-25-2013 01:25 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! - April 24, 2013 - Part 3 of 4
Following is an excerpt from my Encounter Board post of 9-28-01 (Relationships Forum):

Re: Cyber advice sought - Dan's reply to Alia, Part 1 of 2

Your Question:
Is she in a place in her life where she can accept your love and give as freely as you seem to want to give?

My Answer:
The love I offer is already hers, whether I ever stand before her and verbally speak the words, or not. She will feel the warmth of it and she will be strengthened and uplifted by the power of it, even if she never knows from whence it comes.

The love I speak of is on a much higher level than the love we usually see expressed on Earth. It comes from a much higher place.

I am capable of giving such love. I believe she is capable of receiving such love. Whether she chooses to return that love, to me or to someone else, is entirely up to her.

The love I offer is NOT the
kind of love.

It is NOT the
kind of love.

It is NOT the kind of love, the giving of which would in any way diminish my ability to continue to love myself and all of Creation. Rather, it INCREASES my ability to do so!

The love I give comes from my Higher Self: the God that is in me. It is very deep, and it is very real. From such a limitless source as this flows an endless supply of love of the highest quality. Indeed, the more of this love I send out, the more I receive back from God.

Following is an excerpt from my Encounter Board post of 10-24-01 (Relationships Forum):

Re: Cyber advice sought - Dan's answer to Alia's 9-29-01 post - Part 1 of 3

Now I will address your concern about feeling "the twinge of fear of rejection."

When I DO break the ice with Ruby (soon after I post this, as a matter of fact!), she might say, in a mildly disgusted tone, "Thanks, but NO thanks."

You want to know how I would react to something like THAT, right?

My dear, precious friend... I have grown far beyond such selfish concerns. Go back and read my previous posts. Take it all in.

I feel no twinge of fear of rejection with regard to this woman I care so deeply about. MY only concern is for HER feelings! I would be hurt or upset only if I caused HER any unpleasant feelings!

This is the DIFFERENCE between selfish, conditional love, and UNselfish, UNconditional love. This is the difference between carnal, superficial love, and spiritual, eternal love.

If I were to see her locked in a passionate embrace with a man or a woman who brought her happiness, I wouldn't react with a twinge of rejection or with jealousy. I would enfold both of them with a psychic hug, and silently thank the other person for loving her and for bringing her joy.

My love no longer originates from the carnal man. My love is now a higher self recognition of a soul I feel a deep spiritual affinity with. With or without me, HER happiness is my only concern. As long as I know SHE is happy, I will be just fine!

It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations.
--Kahlil Gibran

With Ruby, this deep soul recognition happened through the phenomenon of psychometry. She gave me something with her energy on it, and I suddenly began to see her in an entirely different light. It blew me away!

I tried to deny this experience. I fought it for a long time. My rational mind argued with my higher self for months, but my higher self won.

I love this soul. I always have. (I'm aware of that now). I always will.

Here's what the poet Robert Burns wrote:

But to see her was to love her,
Love but her, and love forever.

Here's what I wrote:


But to hold an object once held by her
Was to feel the resonating vibrations
Of her life force left behind upon it.
The lingering essence of her living energy
Flowed from the object through my hands
And penetrated to the very core of me.
I became more AWARE of her
Than ever I had been before
Touching that which she had handled.

When next I beheld her, or listened to her speak,
I could see her clearly and for the first time
As the radiantly beautiful spirit she truly is.
Her inner beauty radiated from within to without
Until I beheld the entire woman as completely beautiful.
What I now could see in her deeply touched my heart.
I saw her as I had never seen her before.
Her every facial expression, her every movement,
Her every spoken word, became incredibly endearing to me.

And, her eyes! Now I could see the spirit
Within these wondrous windows of the soul.
The love and the light contained within those eyes
Was suddenly revealed to me with crystal clarity.
I had awakened at last to the breathtaking beauty
And divine depth within those enchanting eyes.
I felt a soul memory stirring from within
The very depths of me. I realized I KNEW her!
Sudden spiritual recognition sparked within my heart,
Along with a deep desire to be reunited with one
I felt I had known and loved in other times and places.

Though I denied and fought these feelings,
They could do naught but grow stronger.
"Society says there are too many years between us,"
I said to myself. "She has wealth while I have none,"
I agonized. "She is a captain of her industry
With many accomplishments," I rationalized.
My only real accomplishment in this incarnation
Is that I have finally learned how to love.
Yet I have learned to love truly,
Deeply, honestly, beautifully...
Can this not count for something in my favor?

The walls society chooses to erect
Between this woman and I are neither
Frightening nor insurmountable to me.
With her permission (and ONLY with her permission)
I can tear down any and all such walls.
We can tear them all down together!
Then, would I stand before her at last,
Eyes filled with love and arms willing
To enfold her at the slightest invitation
From her that communicated to me "Yes."

Copyright 2001 Daniel Deveron Baker
All rights reserved.


(Continued in Part 4 of 4)...

Daniel Deveron Baker 04-25-2013 01:27 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! - April 24, 2013 - Part 4 of 4
1 Attachment(s)
Following is an excerpt from "The Calm Before The Storm", originally written as a letter to one of my ShirleyMacLaine.com friends, and as a follow-up to my poem "Waiting In The Wind". The excerpt below was written 11-28-01, on a stormy night...

My Unconditional Love for this woman I call Ruby is deeper than my love for anything else upon this Earth. My passion for her is greater than my passion for anyone or anything else in the Universe! She IS my World, and I am her Guardian Angel Incarnate. I'm her G.A.I. (pronounced "guy"), orbiting in my celestial starship around her, quietly, peacefully, tenderly, and with the greatest concern for HER above ALL other concerns. My flight is invisible, and I never materialize or land in her presence unless she specifically invites me.

HER happiness is my heart's greatest desire. She is my first thought in the morning, and my last thought before I sleep. My love for her transcends all traditional concepts of love held by those on this planet today.

Few currently incarnate on Earth at this time have reached a clear and complete understanding of Unconditional Love. They do not comprehend it. They have never before experienced it. They are not ready to even contemplate it.

Yet I now know it. After many lifetimes of learning and growing, I have finally completed my lessons and earned my Masters Degree in Unconditional Love. I am now ready to progress beyond theory to practice.

Following is an excerpt from my letter to my best buddy (who will be 86 years old May 21, 2004, and who was driver and bodyguard to your friend Barbra Streisand for 10 years). Written on 1-18-02:

Lou, I am HOT for this woman! But it is also a very deep, very spiritual attraction, as well. It is an unselfish and an unconditional love. I don't think about what she can do for me, or how she might love me, or how she would make me feel. I think only of what I can do for her, and how I can show her -- every day -- how much I love her, and how I can make her feel warm and cherished and desired and worshiped and adored without any doubts whatsoever. I am a GIVER, Lou, and I want to give her a permanent little smile of pure satisfaction, inside and out, every day of her life, for the rest of her life.

Following is an excerpt from my letter to one of my friends fromShirleyMacLaine.com, which I posted 10-22-02 on the "In The Wire" web site: http://www.inthewire.com/entry.asp?EntryID=3750

And now, My Friend, I must go back to my writing. I am still trying to express to Ruby how much I love her. I pray that, someday, she'll believe me!

My Spirit Guides have shown me so very much this last year. I need to share it with her. Yet if my loving words and gestures will not bring her joy, may she never see them. If I cannot bring a higher level of ecstasy into her life and cause a perpetual smile of deep satisfaction to appear upon her dear face, then may we never come together.

If she finds happiness in the arms of another, or needs time alone, I will stand where I am, whether near to her or far, with a smile upon my face, always looking out for her. For whatever brings her happiness, that is what I wish her to have, whether I am a part of that happiness or not.

And THAT, my Friend, is the DIFFERENCE between selfish, conditional love, and selfless Unconditional Love.

I have no sense of urgency with regard to this beautiful Soul that I love so deeply. I have no selfish wants or needs with regard to her. I want only to know that she's enjoying good health. I need only to know that she is happy. I want nothing that she would not want. I need nothing that she does not need.

I have overcome fear, possessiveness and jealousy. I am filled with love for God, for Self and for Her. I have left all negative baggage far behind me.

I am free. So is she. We are both free to be apart, and we are both free to be together.

Whatever she decides, now and in the future, she will know that she has my total and Unconditional Love and support. I will love her forever, no matter what.

May you know such a deep and eternal love someday as well, Dear Friend!

BLESS YOU, DAN - 10-22-02


I lead an extremely busy life, but I look forward to sharing so much more on ShirleyMacLaine.com!

Whether I speak of Unconditional Love, or spacecraft, or reincarnation, or non-western concepts of spirituality and eternity, I know that I can speak freely in this community. No one here will label me a "nut" for speaking of metaphysical concepts.

I thank you, from the depths of my heart, for making this possible!

Shirley, I am so very pleased with all that you have accomplished this time around!

And I am not alone…

All of us who have mastered Unconditional Love…

We who are citizens of this dimension, this world, this universe, and beyond…

We who are NOT limited by linear time and space as measured by carbon-based entities…

Those who have left their physical bodies behind and who live free in Spirit…

Spiritually advanced conscious creations everywhere are well pleased with you, Shirley MacLaine!

Shirley, you are our own American Treasure.

You are a precious jewel in the crown of God.

You shine as one of the brightest and most beautiful stars in the Universe.

You are beloved by all who know you.

Everything you have done in your remarkable life has been done in the spirit of love, compassion, and world peace.

If anyone on Earth today deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, it is YOU.

It is my intention to put your name before the people who could make this happen.

And this gift I give you myself, here and now…

For seventy years of so magnificently manifesting the Spirit of God on Earth… By the power vested in me through the mastery of Unconditional Love, I declare that, henceforth and throughout the ages to come, you will be known by one other name: "Saint Shirley, Our Lady of the Internet".

No one personifies Unconditional Love MORE than you do.

The web site YOU conceived, gave birth to, and so lovingly nurture and support, will quite possibly be the forum that will attract and promote brilliant ideas and loving vibrations that could literally heal the World.

You are truly "Our Lady of the Internet".

May your name be blessed now and evermore.

May your light shine forever.

God bless you, Child.

Happy, Healthy, Joyous 70th Birthday, Saint Shirley!

DANIEL DEVERON BAKER - Written April 14 & 15, 2004

May God bless you with health, love, romance, passion, excitement, joy, enlightenment, and all good things!


(Click on blue DanBaker hyperlink to see my ShirleyMacLaine.com Profile).
__________________________________________________ _______________

Continued 4-25-2013...

NOTHING has changed.

I am STILL in awe of you.

My only wish is that this Happy Birthday Post (in 4 parts) brings you joy!

God bless you and yours, Darling Shirley!


(Click on my blue Daniel Deveron Baker link to see my new Profile).


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