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GentleRick 04-24-2013 10:58 PM

Kundalini Anyone?
I'm curious if anyone on this board has had kundalini awakening experiences? What would you like to share about them?

ULLA RUNCHEL 05-15-2013 01:03 AM

The Kundalini Light Power
by/ Ulla Runchel

The Kundalini Light Power
by/ Ulla Runchel

"Then the red colour started to open up in a lot of the deepest, strongest radiance. The colour started from the centre of his heart and radiated in all directions in a fantastic spectrometric eruption of light flowing through the scanner and far out in space radiating the temple in all shades of red. Stanley felt how his root chakra which he believed to be all right was in demand of some really deep openings. He had chosen not to talk so much about the Kundalini because he had been through that thousands of years ago, however, now he saw and felt the energy to its full extent.

Stanley saw his coccyx and in its centre a spiral, however, not the one talked about today. In all our bodies he saw all the transparent layers outside our insubstantial body radiating far out into the universe. He saw how human energy is connected to everything - in many different "layers" - dimensions, so to speak. He saw how each individual "awakes" the energy stored latently in all of us the human beings. In this way the evolution of each individual is being aroused by their own consciousness, and we realise our spiritual evolution, how we use the power of our mind merged into the consciousness, and how our feelings are co-operating with our mentality.

Today many people are highly spiritual and will start to experience the "power" of Kundalini with a new and very delicately oscillating liquid and relieving dissolution. Here it was seen that when one is totally empty-headed and experiencing the complete silence without movements the Kundalini is activated from far out in the universe. The power of Christ was entering through all our radiated bodies with thousands of millions of divine rays of light wave energy through the body far down in the hollow "tunnel" that we all have in our body along the spine and all the way up and out in the crown chakra. Here the light energies were so strong that they looked like bio-energetic fireworks flowing through the body without "touching" the cells of the organs and without stopping in the hara chakra or at the thymus or in the central nervous system in the occipital bone.

Here the energy "rushed" with such a power that afterwards Stanley felt overwhelmed and totally cleansed in all nerve paths. Here he saw the variety of this infrared light. He saw the optimum influence of the flowing stream on the organs via our bio-energetic circuit. He saw how the invisible power of energy worked all around in the 120,000 spiral wheels and balanced all nerve paths and the muscular cicatricial tissue. The energy fanned through the complete passiveness of the body, and because he had turned off his brains all his cells were receiving the essence energy from the Kundalini elevation.

One may be subject to a number of imbalances for a long time, until the body recovers, if the "old-fashioned" method is being used, and one is not familiar with the material.

Stanley felt almost embarrassed that it was this particular energy that passed: his lack of knowledge about the power of Kundalini. Apparently he was bound to take on this trip. "The Nine" sent love and warmth. In a flash he had been outside space and time simultaneously with being within their consciousness. In less than a second he saw all that they understood, these wise men, to whom everybody can connect. He realised all the many imbalances of his life to be repaired, and many kinds of wisdom he was to understand. In fact he had only just started in the universal library holding thousands of books to be read over and over, before he could comprehend just a tiny bit of this unique world in which we are all tiny sparks.

Kundalini will never be obsolete the way he once believed. He had had to revise his opinion. Even the power had been renewed and refined, because it is part of the naval string of the universe and the cosmic gene we all carry. Our individual oscillation will receive in accordance with our body and mental condition. Those who have opened up the refined energy will receive the power on a very high oscillation. As time goes by the new teachers of yoga will take this in as a task in order to radiate and revive the more delicately oscillating kind of energy in consciousness and lead the energy out through the mental stage without doing any harm to the hara chakra, the thymus, and the neck chakra. In this way the elevation of the Kundalini will not be checked, so that it turns downwards and takes place in the three fields, which would be felt like a pain in the cells.

These two different fields may be merged into one energy, and it is important that they are merged into the absolute passive condition of complete vacancy, before flowing into the strong energy. If balanced in that frequency the elevation will be complete. It is going to happen when we as human beings in relation to our own evolution are prepared to open up to this elevation of Kundalini.

Stanley knew now that we are not to enter this knowledge without the guidance of trained yoga teachers. This was really something to think about. "The Nine" knew that this tiny part of his root chakra had to be put back in its right place in his system, and he was very grateful for that. It was all revealed in this infra-red light, so that he could see the difference.

The infra-red light could be used to radiate the human body for the purpose of healing the cells. It could be used in the new measuring devices and computer binoculars with wireless connections through the very information sources of light, and for coding in the infra-red light serum to be used in the new super computers made of pure light coded with luminous phosphorescence files."

Love to all...from my book 2002

GentleRick 05-16-2013 08:01 AM


I remember this from your book. Great work.



ShelleyD 05-26-2013 01:52 AM

Ok Rick....I'll go!

I have had several distinct Kundalini experiences and also more frequent, milder variations of it.

The first one when I was about 10 years old. Of course I did not know what it was when I was 10, but looking back on that experience after having some more intense ones in adulthood I think that that was probably when it first awakened.

For me the more mild movement is a gentle and involuntary rocking.....it seems to be forward and backward...not side to side. That happens often in my meditations.

The more extreme is the slight rocking followed by a burning sensation going up the spine. It actually does hurt or more like it is uncomfortable but with that comes feelings of unconditional love and euphoria. That is when the visions come of beings in white light. Also, the first time that happened I had energy centers in the front of my ankles open just before the burning in the spinal column. By that time I had felt every one of my Chakras open, during meditations or when giving readings, including some that most people don't work with, but I had no idea that we even had energy centers in the front of the ankles, so that was a surprise.
The burning sensation will last for about 1/2 hour or so, but the euphoria can last 24 hours. Everytime you take a breath in through your nose it is bliss. Also, usually everything in my vision...with my two eyes, not my third eye... is heightened. All the colors are more vivid and everything is sharper.

AND I swear...no drugs involved!! LOL

GentleRick 11-11-2013 04:13 PM


Thanks for sharing your experiences. Some synchronic events this year around kundalini awakening, practice and support have been in my path - and this morning I had a flashback to some events with a therapist where I went into a kriyas and had temporary openings of kundalini energy.

Lately, in mediation and in certain circles I've felt that level of bliss and euphoria you describe. And the message I got this week was to prepare my body. Exercise more. I expect that is to help support the energy going into the correct nadi so the pain and the burning are less present.

ShelleyD 11-20-2013 12:32 AM

Hi Rick~

Good to hear. Glad you are experiencing that bliss/euphoria.

Hmmm, yes.....I do not know if it is supposed to burn when that happens but I would imagine so, since you hear about the "fire" that resides in the base of the spine.
I have only felt the burning go up to the Heart center. I would love to see what happens when it goes all the way up to the Crown. :D

GentleRick 12-06-2013 07:58 PM

Yes, me too - I hope to experience what that is like, to have it go all the way up and through the crown.

Fortunately there's some good books about kundalini experiences and they vary. I just met someone who is extremely sensitive to touch and his kundalini activates instantly.

What I am noticing about my experience when I tune in is that the karma needing to be burned off, indicating where the kundalini is working on a blocked chakra, shows up in synchronic events as tests, lessons, opportunities for messages. This happens multiple times in a day or a couple of days. It is as though a divine force is setting up the game for me to play.

I feel lots of energy running through my body at certain times of day, and often at night while sleeping or just waking. Some days I can't focus on work and have to stay in my room for hours. I also have to be aware of rising tensions when I am sexually active. I am practicing more abstention at this time.

I am still in the middle of my Uranus opposition so I expect to need another year to adapt before things calm down. I'm not doing yoga right now but that may change. I take many hot baths or soak in the hot tub to help my body relax. Sometimes it seems like parts get gummed up and I am shorter on one side of my body or out of sync from left side to right.

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