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Brit 04-22-2013 01:54 PM

IE Sunday April 28 - MUST HEAR!
Don't miss Shirley and ROBERT W. SULLIVAN IV, ESQ this Sunday, April 28, 6 PM PDT - 9 PM EDT, for a thought provoking discussion on Robert's new book: The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism

This is like a real life Da Vinci Code!!! I've read the book and wow!!!! Visit the radio page: http://www.shirleymaclaine.com/ieradio/about/next to order the book or visit Robert's website.

Here's the info....

Robert is a philosopher, historian, antiquarian, jurist, theologian, writer, and lawyer and all of those talents are evident in his new book: The Royal Arch of Enoch, The impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism. He graduated high school from Friends School of Baltimore, the oldest private school in Baltimore, founded in 1784, and attended Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and earned his B.A. in History in 1995. Mr. Sullivan spent his entire junior year of college abroad at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, England studying European history and philosophy. While in Oxford Mr. Sullivan was a member of the Oxford Union, the Oxford University Conservative Association, and the Oxford Law Society. Upon returning to the United States in June 1993 he took a year off from Gettysburg College to serve as office director of the Washington International Studies Council located on Capitol Hill.

Prior to attending law school in the United States he spent the Michaelmas Term 1995 at Trinity College, Oxford University studying jurisprudence and international law. From 1997 to 2000 he attended Widener University School of Law, Delaware Campus, from where he received his Juris Doctorate. Admitted to the State Bar of Maryland (2000) as well as the District of Columbia (2002), Mr. Sullivan spent 2001 to 2008 working at various law firms in the Baltimore area practicing primarily in the area of insurance defense. Mr. Sullivan is a Freemason, having joined Amicable-St. John’s Lodge #25, Baltimore Maryland in 1997; he became a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason in 1999.

The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism is his first published work and is the result of twenty years of research. A lifelong Marylander, he resides in Baltimore.


“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” - Genesis 5:24.

The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism documents an undiscovered historical anomaly: how a high degree Masonic Ritual - developed in France in the mid 1700’s - included elements of the Book of Enoch which was considered lost until Freemason and traveler James Bruce returned to Europe with copies from Ethiopia in 1773. These copies were not translated into English until 1821 at Oxford University. This high degree ritual - titled The Royal Arch of Enoch - documents the recovery of the “Lost Word of a Master Mason”, the Name of God. It is this ritual in particular that has defined, among other things, the American national character. The Royal Arch of Enoch also documents the symbolic restoration of the sun as the premier icon in all of Freemasonry and as the supreme emblem of imperial administration and religiosity lifted from the Ancient Mysteries, incorporated into the Abrahamic Faiths, and carried on in both Blue Lodge and High Degree Masonry.

This book presents a real life “Da Vinci Code/National Treasure” mystery which, until the publication of this book, was previously unknown to history and historians in both the East and West.

Thomas Ramey Watson 04-22-2013 09:16 PM

Sounds interesting.

ShelleyD 04-24-2013 03:04 PM

I LOVE stuff like this!
I will be listening!

Brit 04-28-2013 05:54 PM

We'll be a about 15 minutes late getting the show online..
Sorry for the inconvenience! It should be running by 6:15 PM PDT

GentleRick 04-28-2013 09:58 PM

I loved tonight's show. And I will be listening again because there was so much info packed into it. I got dizzy at places. :-)

Chi 04-29-2013 04:13 PM

i've ordered this book as i do feel compelled to read it.
Great conversation! Loved the banter and the way SM
and Robert Sullivan both held your own.
Lots of information! Can't wait to get started on the book.

Norma Rae 04-30-2013 04:41 PM

Great show. Finally got a chance to listen on commute back from mountains and to "reality." Both of my grandfathers (paternal and maternal) were past worshipful masters of the local chapter of the Masonic lodge, and my father is a Mason as well. The tradition in our family pretty much ended with my father's generation, so I know very little, and when I've asked questions, I've only ever received generic responses. Perhaps it is time to dig up some family skeletons, so to speak!? And perhaps this book is a good springboard for that exploration? Should be interesting!

Two hands together from the (finally) sunny Midwest!

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