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PAULA CAMPOS 04-18-2013 09:22 AM

Do you think that money can make you happy.
Do you think that money can make you happy.

A Dreamer 04-18-2013 02:51 PM

Hi Paula,

Absolutely! Anything is easier to face with enough money than without it. :)


Norma Rae 04-18-2013 07:00 PM

Not sure anything external can "make" you happy, or for that matter "unhappy."

hamntomato 04-28-2013 09:03 PM

If you use it wisely and are thankful. Tomato

OneLight 05-12-2013 08:19 PM

Hi Paula,

Along the lines of Norma Rae's post, I feel only WE have the power to make ourselves happy, or not!

For example, you can have a millionaire who is miserable because he is constantly worried about loosing money in the stock market, or through theft, or whatever. Or, you can have a millionaire who is happy by circulating his money (through purchases, etc, which keeps stores in business and people employed so they can feed their families, or donations, etc) with love and joy.

To me, its about self awareness and appreciation for whatever we are blessed with in our lives. Its about our perception which sends out an energy vibration that returns to us ... and only we have the power to determine that ... so, what do we choose to experience?


Norma Rae 05-23-2013 06:28 AM

Was listening to part of an interview Shirley had in 2009 with Lester Brown (whom I believe is discussed in The Secret Life of Plants, which I am finally reading . . . wasn't there a "Lester Brown" from the 40s who had a jazz orchestra, too?). I've only made it about 15 minutes into the interview, but in that 15 minutes, Shirley comments on the insanity of how we all run around working and worrying and scheming to accumulate more paper (money) that has absolutely no intrinsic value anyway.

I've often thought this about money, but now it's not even paper. My thoughts/comments on this insanity often is that I (and everyone else) work to move numbers from one column in my online bank account to another column. And this transaction of moving numbers from one column to another has value because why? It's like I am stuck in some online game of just moving numbers around. Insanity!

Now . . .I am off to my job so that I can put more numbers in one of my columns. . . On the way there, however, I will at least finish listening to the Lester Brown interview.

Namaste from the Midwest,

OneLight 05-23-2013 09:52 PM

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Hi Steph

Yes, it does seem Insane, doesn't it? Yet the reality is (at least for now) is that money has been (I feel) 'created' as a Gift to us to assist in this game of survival.

Did you ever see the Planet Earth DVD series that came out a while back? It was beautifully video'd, detailing the lives of all the earthly kingdoms (bug, insects, plants, animals) and emphasizing that it was all about survival. Yet in a curious way, there is a balance to this, as those that did not survive had a purpose of nourishing their predator (whose purpose in some way helps to keep the planet surviving, for all is connected in the cycle of life). It has been this way for eons.

I have been perceiving for a while that this is slowly changing…that it is more about creating than it is survival. The planet and all its life forms are experiencing an evolution into a new way being, a new dimension. For me, I've found it very helpful to shift my perceptions of how I view all around me (as I mentioned in the above post). That old saying "all is not as it appears to be" is so true. I truly believe that we are each powerful creators, and just as we have created what we are experiencing now, so too can we create a better way for the good of all.

Would like to share with you a post I did under Creativity back in 2006. It kind of explains a little more what I'm attempting to say…

The Predator and The Prey

The deep green jungle is dense with foliage
The air is thick and heavy…
But the humidity causes not any spoilage

The rhythms and cadence of each and every sound
Finds the Predator ever alert…
As it distinguishes the insects and critters that abound

Relying on its gift of size, strength, and power
The Predator watches and waits…
Listening intently, for survival is the game of this hour

Ah, but the Prey too, is well aware of this game
Relying on speed, agility, and camouflaged markings…
It weaves through and around in the playing of same

To Predator and Prey alike, Mother Nature has uniquely blessed
And gifted both with talents…
To ensure the fittest of each survived within the quest

Now of Predators and Preys, there is another of which I speak
Who move about on the gameboard called survival…
In a sense, on a different level, yet the same goal they seek

The Predator “Man” was gifted with the mind
But often times allowed the Ego…
To hold sway, and rule over any find

Man recognized its Prey, what it needed to survive
So the Predator dubbed the Prey “Money”…
And went about assorted pursuits, in order to thrive

But the wisest of the Predators knew deep within
Of the mind’s connection to the soul, and Its purpose…
To go beyond preconceived notions while inwardly a-journey-in

And so, it was the wise Predator who overruled the Ego and saw
It was the Gift of discovering, recognizing and using one’s Talents…
That brought the "natural connection" to this source, the Prey, in humbled awe

Norma Rae 05-24-2013 06:42 AM

Hmmm? You've given me a lot to think about today, Peg! I love that--thank you so much! And I have not seen Planet Earth; although, it sounds very familiar. I'll check it out!

A couple of questions popped into my mind while reading your post:

1. What about the reverse of your theory? That money (or perhaps capitalism?) is the "predator" and we are the "prey"?

2. How do you think your "Darwinian" (for lack of a better word right now) theory fits in with the "law of attraction" theory (alla The Secret)? Does it?

Back into my reality (with a little "r") of putting numbers in my columns!

Namaste from the COLD (what is that about?!) Midwest,

OneLight 05-24-2013 02:26 PM

Norma Rae
I must say "ditto" right back at ya, Steph! In between packing and preparing for my out of state move, I have to say your various posts on these Boards have surely stimulated my brain cells as well. So I thank you for that. Wish I had time right now to engage in discussion with you on all of them. Alas, I have to set priorities! LOL

I like your questions a lot. Off the top of my head, here's what's coming to me in response: (Also, I should preface this by saying that usually when I write, I do so on many levels of meaning in a metaphysical sense) J

An interesting "reversed theory" (money/capitalism/predator vs humans/prey). Most definitely another way to look at it. And that is what I love about us humans…depending upon where we are sitting (i.e., our experiences), our perceptions of the same thing can be different. It brings to mind a sample I like to use to demonstrate viewpoints. Lets imagine an elephant in front of us. It is what it is and represents only that. I am looking at this elephant from the side; you may be looking at it from the front; another may be looking at it from the back; and still another is gazing at it from the opposite side of me. The elephant remains unchanged, but because each of us are seeing a different view, our perception/opinion is different from each other's. My journey/experiences led me to view it from the side; your's from the front. Neither is right or wrong, its just a view of a portion of the whole elephant, but it is not the whole elephant.

Another thought that occurs to me regarding the "reversed theory", is that this (to me) implies giving over our power to someone/something else. And I think that this handing over of our power and control to another (be it government, capitalism, religion, etc) has been happening for many many years, and is what has brought us to experiencing what we are in the world today. But I am also observing that this is FINALLY changing; we can see it in all that is happening in the world. People are beginning to become aware of it and taking back their power and making their voices heard…or as Ghandi said "being the change we want to see". And this leads me to your next question…

While watching the DVD series, I felt its message was along the lines of the Darwinian theory (survival of the fittest). And on a 3D level in the plant/animal kingdoms, it probably is. I used that example to imply that subconsciously we humans have accepted Darwin's theory and unconsciously activated it in our own daily lives. But I firmly believe that we are spiritual beings having a human (form/matter) experience. And as a spiritual being, its all about vibration and energy, intention and creativity, which most definitely fits in with the Law of Attraction. In other words, Darwin's theory (unconsciously embraced by us into our lives) along with giving away our power to someone else (money/capitalism etc) vs spiritual beings in human form utilizing their own power to create the reality they want via Law of Attraction.

And the beauty of it is, that all life forms have a purpose along with a subtle connection to each other for the good of the whole. If we can train ourselves to discover that connection and learn from each other, we can enhance ourselves/Souls and our world through our creations for the good of all. Its like you said earlier in this thread, nothing external can make us happy or unhappy…only we determine that. And that again is choice, vibration, and Law of Attraction.

You're in Chicago, right? Home of my birth. When its Cold outside, I want to stay indoors. So maybe the COLD means Creating the Opportunity Leading to Discovery (inner) ? LOL


Norma Rae 05-25-2013 06:47 AM

This is great! Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I am going to have to let it marinate for a while. Will probably sit with it in meditation and yoga this morning and then respond more fully later.
Yes, my home is Chicago (been here for 11 years), but guess where I was born and raised . . . you got it--Texas! I saw in another thread that you are moving there?
namaste and two hands together from the Midwest where we are Creating the Opportunity Leading to (inner) Discovery,

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