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Norma Rae 04-23-2013 09:48 AM

The Secret Lives of Plants and . . . a new topic to discuss
Well . . . this thread may be ready to move on to a new topic from Out on a Limb, but apparently the universe has decided that I am not. Today on the commute into the office, I "randomly" (yeah, right!) selected an Independent Expression Radio interview between Shirley and Cleve Backster. Whoa! Biocommunications of plants, plants being able to clearly sense *thoughts* of others, plants being able to distinguish between intention and pretense (I could really use that in my line of work! Perhaps I'll bring a plant to my next hearing!), and . . . Peter Tomkins' The Secret Life of Plants (referenced above in the original passage from Out on a Limb that I first underlined)! Okay, okay! I hear you, universe! I suppose the next step in following this journey is for me to rustle up a copy of Tomkins' book, eh?

Well . . . how 'bout we tackle another sentence that I underlined in Out on a Limb . . . much later in the book:


"Well, life is like hot sauce. As soon as you start enjoying it, it makes you cry."


Any thoughts/experiences you want to share on that little gem of wisdom?

namaste from the slowly drying yet still soggy Midwest,

patswife 04-23-2013 04:06 PM

Hi Steph,
I love how you are taking sentences from the book and using them as a starting point for discussion. As far as the "hot sauce" reference---I take that to mean that life is kind of a roller coaster. It does seem sometimes that everything is wonderful and we go along happily and then something kicks us in the butt. But that just seems to be life. We learn from both types of experiences. Sometimes more from the butt kickers. I'm sure I am not saying anything that all of us here don't already know.
But, I guess we just have to remember to be grateful for ALL of life's experiences--it all helps us to evolve. And we all have different lessons to learn. Some people may seem to have everything, but scratch the surface, and they are miserable and vice versa.
Thanks for provoking some thought!

Norma Rae 04-25-2013 11:00 AM

Hi Joanne (and others)!

I believe that at the time the comment was made in the book (David says it to Shirley), that she had just experienced a moment of true enlightenment, epiphany, euphoria, and at that moment of enJOYment, she began crying. Unfortunately, I do not have the book with me to reference right now to be sure. I believe Shirley asks the question of why she was crying in such a moment, and David responded with the hot sauce analogy.

In my yoga teacher training (in Santa Fe, thank you!), we studied the "subtle body" during the last week of intensives, and one exercise we did was to partner will another yogi and meditate on where in our body we felt any discomfort and to follow it. Many people--as did I and my partner--experience an energy moving throughout our body as if it were stuck. Upon further meditation and dropping into the moment and observing our stuckness without judgment, the energy would often release. What your partner would do is watch and observe your body while asking simple questions of "where it is now?" and "how does it feel now." Often, what you would find is that the energy would start to release itself through involuntary movements like eye twitching, but upon ultimate release of the stuckness, tears would spontaneously flow.

Viola--Hot sauce!


patswife 04-25-2013 03:55 PM

Your take on this is SO much better than mine:) Thanks Steph!

Norma Rae 05-01-2013 02:45 PM

souls that bind
Here's a selection of Out on a Limb that should stir up a good discussion:

"They say there's an energy that fills interatomic space, but they don't know what it is. Even they call it the cohesive element of the atom, which they term as 'gluon.' They know it is not matter, but rather units of energy. . . . Mayan says it is this subatomic energy that makes up the Source. Therefore the Source, that form of energy, is not molecular. . . . This energy is the energy that makes up the soul. Our bodies are made out of atoms; our souls are made out of this Source energy."


What do you think about that?!

Namaste from the midwest,

patswife 05-02-2013 04:39 PM

Steph, this is a good one. I have to say that if even "they" don't know what it is, then I sure don't either. I do know instinctively that the soul is made up of energy. But from where this energy comes from, who can say? I often wonder if we will have access to all the answers when we pass over or if it will still be a mystery. Maybe things are revealed in stages as we pass from one life to the next. And when we do ultimately reach the final destination, what then? Do we cease to have any individuality? If so, are we even aware? I cannot even comprehend this with my earth bound mind. I guess we will all discover the big truth when it is time.
I love the thought provoking ideas you are throwing out with Out on a Limb!

Norma Rae 05-03-2013 06:19 AM

Joanne (and all!) . . . your comments remind me of Shirley's initial reaction to David's revelation in the book (if you have the paperback, we're on pp. 324-25, btw). Shirley says to David, "Why? . . . It could be anything . . . And it seems to me to make damn little difference at this point, whether we know for a fact, or don't know, what the soul is made of. . . . what's the point of breaking down its components . . ."


Well, I suppose that is an entirely different conversation we can have, isn't it? Perhaps the point of questioning and exploring is just that--to learn. It is the best our little human brain can do (with the help of opening our chakras, subtle body, and intuition to the inexplicable) to try to reconnect with what we have forgotten (the Source?) in this human form. Interesting, I'm looking at a few paragraphs after the above selection (on p. 326), and Shirley says "I felt I was remembering something somewhere way underneath my mind in a place I had never touched. . . ." Hmmm?

Well, before I get too much off on that tangent (unless others want to follow it?!?!?!), I want to go back a little in the book on p. 324 before David makes the statement . . . Shirley says "Well, . . . You mean it is a kind of ocean in which everything floats? . . ."

Okay, the reference to the phrase "cosmic ocean" and the name of David's unearthly companion Mayan reminds me of the Story of Markandeya: Waters of Non-Existence, which can be found in Heinrich Zimmer's Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization, which I read during yoga training. Shoot . . . I'm going to have to return to this later because I've got to head into a long commute into work now . . . But Markandeya touches on the existence of "maya," what is "reality," and that durn cosmic ocean . . . the Source? the interconnectedness of our soul energies? . . .

Two hands together from the peaceful Midwest . . .

patswife 05-04-2013 05:39 PM

I love that you are using these quotes from Out on A Limb! It has really gotten me thinking and focusing on certain concepts.
I love that you quoted "I felt I was remembering something somewhere way underneath my mind in a place I had never touched."
I have felt this on occasion with certain people and very strongly in places I have visited.
But here is my question. Certain people and places may nudge us to remember something in a past life. But why? What good is it doing us in this incarnation? I know that I have been certain places before. But, what does that really tell me that I can practically work with in this lifetime?
Do you (or anyone here) have thoughts about what we can do with the bits of information that we may remember from past lives? Can we learn from this?
Thanks for your postings, Steph!

Norma Rae 05-08-2013 08:00 AM

lessons from those we've known (or have not known) before?
Joanne (and all!),

That is a huge question! I think you have to go on an individualized case-by-case basis. I've listened to some of the archived Independent Expression Radio shows where members sent in questions for Shirley to answer, and often this is one of the questions. And even Shirley--someone so in touch with her past lives--has difficulty answering the question without really narrowing it down. I think it is something you have to sit with and meditate with for a very long time--a lifetime? Lifetimes, even?! Anyone want to share some specific lessons learned from past lives? I am not yet in touch with my past lives well enough to even begin to articulate lessons I may be in the process of learning right now. However, that's part of the reason I am here (in the cherry bowl...or am I in the cherry pit bowl?)--to learn to connect with that "subtle" part of my body or being in this incarnation.

Thoughts anyone?

Here is the flip of that question that I have been noodling over for a while: What do we learn from those whom we absolutely know we have never before encountered in a past life--especially when that person is in a significant role in this life? Why would we choose that? Interesting.

(By the way, I am now reading The Camino, and (oh boy!) do I have lots underlined in that book already! We'll have to start a Camino thread!)

Namaste from the sunny Midwest!

Norma Rae 05-13-2013 07:15 AM

lessons from the past
Friends, Joanne asked "Do you (or anyone here) have thoughts about what we can do with the bits of information that we may remember from past lives? Can we learn from this?" . . . I just finished reading The Camino, and what a great question to transition from a discussion about Out on a Limb to The Camino, but let's not stop this thread just yet. I underlined many thoughts in The Camino on what one might do with past life information:


"Did imagination begin at the moment of creativity, or was it based on previous experiences and some kind of forgotten knowledge that my soul was communicating to my mind?" (p. 217).

"Everything each of our souls had experienced through millions of years was still a part of our genetic memory. We had been both male and female, because in the beginning we were a reflection of the soul that was divinely both." (pp. 244-45).

"Was what we called imagination truly based on soul memory? Would we ever know the truth of our soul's past and therefore dream a more magnificent future? Would we learn to trust that once, billions of years ago, the Divine Spirit had been lonely and created us into being, to live as a family of children who loved the Deity with all our hearts and all our souls and our neighbor as ourselves? I pulled out my gold cross and held it tightly. Yes, I could imagine such a thing." (p. 302).


Is this too much to start with? Perhaps, but let's keep this thread going here with a discussion on what do we learn from our past lives and why learn it at all?

Namaste from the deserts of Las Vegas,

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