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patswife 04-07-2013 04:30 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm throwing a question out to anyone who wishes to respond. What are your thoughts on WHY synchronicity happens? We all recognize it when it does happens, but I'm often left with the question why. Am I supposed to be learning something? Or noticing something? Or is it just the universal love validating itself?
For example, I am in the process of reading a book about a particular person. Well, "randomly" this very same person walks into the room I happened to be in. I was floored. We didn't speak, but I was amazed that this person would be here. I knew this was more than coincidence, but then started wondering , what does this mean? There doesn't seem to be any particular lesson to be learned, so my question is, why do these things happen?
If anyone has any insight to share, I would love to see your response.

GentleRick 04-07-2013 04:55 PM

Hi Joanne,

From a Jungian psycho-spiritual perspective, synchronic events occur when "we are on the right path" to wholeness, or what Jung termed as the process of individuation. When we allow a dialog with our unconscious selves to occur without letting the conscious ego dominate, threaten or sublimate the inner energies, 'magic' seems to happen. The language of the psyche is imagery, and symbol from which the meanings in synchronic events are derived. It's like receiving an email that comes with an attachment to download that happens to be the real message or gift. And when the ego trusts the gift, such as taking advantage of the personal meeting with the friend you read about, therein lies the "alchemical gold."

In this way, the ego learns to follow these synchronic events from one to the next, noticing the times when they stop happening in order to have the opportunity to make a course correction along the way.

Happy journey!

Chi 04-07-2013 06:58 PM

Hi Joanne,
Well as with Rick, Jung's explanation resonates with me too.
An isolated or random synchronicity could just mean that
i'm doing what i'm meant to be doing, but also sometimes
that the universe is nudging me, making me aware of the
significance of what i'm doing at that very moment.
It could be something just as simple as the significance
of the line you were reading or the thought you were having
at the time this person walked in. Something you needed to
hear,see, understand and remember. Or it could be the
beginning of more synchronicities to come.
If you begin to notice a series of synchronicities over a
period of time that involve this same person over and over
again; well now that's a horse of a different color. Now we
could be talking about a significant connection between you
and this person that transcends this lifetime. And if that
should ever start to happen to you, just be patient and follow
those synchronicities one by one. They will lead you to the
answer and maybe even lead you to a fleeting moment or
two of Enlightenment. It's what happened to me. Soft Grin...


PS. A good book to read on the subject is "Synchronicity & You"
by Frank Joseph. It may be out of print but there are "used copies"
available online at Barnes& Noble or Amazon, i think.
If you want to read it and can't find it, let me know. i may be able
to get you a pdf.

sisterlura 04-08-2013 07:39 AM

Excellent question, Joanne, and helpful responses, Rick & Chi. I've long been intrigued by the subtle power of synchronicity ~~ I think I really started to pay attention to it when I was in my 30's and synchronistic happenings seemed to unfold over and over in my life. Most of them, upon reflection, were of great significance to my life at the time --- and were of a "warning" nature .... like "follow this suggestion/person/goal/whatever" and "don't go there!"

I think the key is to pay attention and follow your gut instinct or "Higher Power" and not shrug off a synchronicity as just an odd, chance event. Reading Shirley MacLaine's books were a huge wake-up call for me during those 'searching' years, and I'll be eternally grateful for her plopping into my path at exactly the right time!

God bless us all as we continue our searching!!


patswife 04-08-2013 03:59 PM

Thanks for the responses, guys. They have been helpful. Chi, I have the CD of Shirley's interview with Frank Joseph regarding synchronicity. I think I will listen to that again.
Sometimes something so bizarre happens (like it did for me), that you just feel that someone is trying to tell you something!!
Love getting feedback and new perspectives from my "Shirley friends."

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