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GentleRick 03-28-2013 07:25 AM

Budwig protocol for Cancer?
Anyone heard of this? Thoughts? I'm curious because Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's work with the cells supports the concept that cancer cells do not react to photons that healthy cells absorb, but when a cancer mass is blasted with photons, the cells die or revert to a healthy state.

Eating raw foods, especially sprouted seeds and freshly harvested veggies will also increase the photonic activity in the body, making it harder for cancer to survive and multiply. This is in addition to any support to alkalize the body and eliminate cancers food supply: sugar.

The Budwig Protocol is a powerful weapon in healing cancer naturally. The combination of Cottage Cheese and Flax Oil creates an electron rich sulphurated protein which is able to penetrate the cancer cell. Adding sunlight directly after taking the Budwig Protocol will increase the photons within the body, which combine with the electrons that are at the surface. The combination increases oxygen within the cells, thus reversing Cancer naturally. This is one of the alternative methods I used to heal my cancer naturally and it works very quickly if used correctly. To learn more about how the Budwig protocol can reverse cancer, heart infarction, and many other ailments; check out my book, "Defeat Cancer Now" at www.tamarastjohn.com

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