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GentleRick 03-26-2013 09:31 AM

Astrology post 12/12
Taking a second look at the planets since Dec 21, 2012 - I see that the cosmos has prepared Earth to go through serious energy shifts and cleansing as we enter our new era.

In January, there was a stellium of 4 to 5 planets in Capricorn. In Feb, for at least one day there were 4 or 5 planets in Aquarius. Then came the Pisces stellium in early March where anyone born could have had up to seven aspects in Pisces during a two day period. Next month, five in Aries, May - five in Taurus, finally in June - four in Gemini. Then the inner planets: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars appear more distant and so the stelliums cease.

So these areas of our lives have been getting charged up since 2012:
The mentor, The genius, The mystic, and now The initiator, The musician and finally, The storyteller.

RobKendall 03-26-2013 11:36 AM

Thank you (!) for pointing this out, Rick.
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Here's some more on this:

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