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Brit 03-05-2013 12:26 PM

From Grandmother Silver Star
Things are speeded up, accelerated in 2013.
There is much energy now (which is normal) because Mother Earth is changing,
(recently more solar and photon LOVE energy, too). Also, additional pressure
is created on Mother Earth because some are Un-Aware humans who don't
yet 'get it' that our Thoughts always co-create, that our Thoughts always affect
Mother Earth, our emotions always affect Mother Earth. So ...

Peaceful Thoughts.
Peaceful Heart.
Peaceful Words.
Peaceful Actions

Right now, especially, Mother Earth needs us to hold steadfast.
Do your "Being Peaceful Work" Whatever it takes.
Focus on helping people be "quiet."
Focus on helping Mother Earth be "calm."

Help your brothers and sisters wake up. Be still.

"Yes, quiet is the word," one Grandmother said.

Love, Light, and Peace On Earth,
Uŋci SilverStar

O sa da dv
Mitákuyé Oyasiŋ

Loa 03-06-2013 05:58 PM

Thank you for posting this Brit ... I beleave these are important messages :)

I am trying the best I can to " be peace " , not always with sucess ... but I feel (sometimes) like I am improving. At least I am more aware of what and when something in the environment and in the media brings me out of balance.

Love ,

GentleRick 03-26-2013 09:13 AM

These messages are being echoed from all over the world. And as we know, the "peace begins in me." This past weekend in Stargate Mystery School, one woman shared two visions:

In one, the Earth was shaking, vibrating harshly. Then, it began to have an out of body experience. She saw the Earth looking at itself.

Another person sees that due to the extreme polarity in energy on the Earth at this time, the Earth will split into two Earths. Just as in nature, cells polarize and divide or multiply into two. On one, will be the "negative" polarity. The other, positive. The only thing one needs to do to belong to the positive is to evolve out of the need to hurt others. This shift, it was shared, would happen just like that. In an instant.

The answer is within us. Healer, heal thyself. (and thus heal the world) But we have to teach and help others make the choice to awake.


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