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Chi 02-23-2013 07:01 PM

Saint Charles
i went to see Shirley last night in St Charles with my
friend Diana and right off the bat (as she entered from
stage left) we (the audience) rose to our feet to give her
a standing ovation. We let her know collectively right from
the get-go that there wasn't going to be any negative crap.
And she took over from there giving us her all. For an hour
and a half, she covered the Family, the Rat Pack, the Movies,
the Dancing, the Travels, and the Spirituality. Then for another
half hour, there was a Q&A. She had us all in stitches all night.
We laughed and we laughed and there were some touching
instances too. And during those instances, i noticed she seemed
to take on an extra glow. And i thought to myself even the universe...
loves this woman so.
After the show, back stage, Shirley was meeting and greeting
some of the fans who had lagged behind and a photographer
was taking pictures. i chatted briefly with Brit, and as Diana
and i stood beside Brit quietly for a moment, i watched and
wondered where Shirley was getting the stamina to stand there
so graciously picture after picture after an almost 2 hour show for
yet another half an hour. But she was doing it.Our turn came,
we exchanged a few words and the photographer was ready to
snap the shot when suddenly my mouth became very dry
(the truth was i had not had a thing to drink since the afternoon
because i didn't want to have to pee. Inside joke) and now i was
becoming dehydrated and it was effecting my ability to smile.
Too funny. Anyway i let out an exclamation to the photographer:
Wait! Wait! (while i wet my lips) and Shirley's expression (from
the corner of my eye) was priceless. And then i said OK! Go!
i don't know where this came from but it did. Thinking about it later,
i just shook my head. Anyway if she comes to your town, go see her.
You won't be disappointed.
By the way, turns out Saint Charles is the patron saint of (among other
things) Apple Orchards. How many apples would you say there were
at that San Francisco seminar Shirley did years ago?
Thanks for coming to Illinois Ms. MacLaine and for your kind words.

sisterlura 02-24-2013 08:13 AM

Thank you soooo much for your great report, Chi! I've been wondering and worried that the audience at this weekend's shows would bring up "that subject" ~~ I should have known that by and large Shirley's fans are enlightened beings who gravitate towards Truth not poorly written story-telling.

Just the fact that Shirley "went on with the show" is to me an amazing testimony to her integrity, self-discipline, and compassion. Bravo, Shirley MacLaine, we love you, and we will stand by you through thick 'n thin !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lura :)

RobKendall 02-24-2013 09:34 AM

More St. Charles
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My partner, Clark, and I were there too, Chi. You are right, the energy that she brought into the room was amazing! It was like the sun had come out from behind the clouds and was blazing from a suddenly clear blue sky. The stories were amazing and the connection we felt with Shirley, and with each other as well, was a wonderful surprise. No "negative crap" at all; no one seemed the least bit interested in it even.

The Q&A was great, too. Clark said that Shirley was like a laser in being able to focus in on what the person really meant from the words they used to ask their questions, suggesting in a loving and humane, life-affirming, way solutions that they needed to hear.

And it was so joyful to finally meet and give a hug to Brit, too, backstage afterwards. (And I now know from her how to pronounce your name properly, Chi=chee, the energy, rather than Chi=chai as in Chi-town.) Being with both of them backstage afterwards was really inspiring; Clark wondered at her stamina, too. After we had our photo taken, Brit said, "She really is flesh and blood." It is true. When the photographer had Clark and I stand on either side of Shirley to have our picture taken, I placed my left arm around her waist and held it there while I wouldn't let the photographer snap the picture until Brit could join us. In that moment, I realized that I liked having my arm there, it felt good.

In thinking about this more after we returned home and I was walking Roxie outside in the park, I realized how starved we can all get in this internet/computer/disconnected way of life - starved for simple human physical affection, starved for a simple cuddle, starved for human touch. As we walked through the cold, white snow, I realized that I already missed both of them, very much.

patswife 02-24-2013 03:58 PM

Chi and Rob,
I loved reading your reports about Shirley's show and meeting her and Brit afterwards. I'm so glad nobody brought up any negativity. It would just kind of put a damper on things, don't you think? I saw her in CT last year and she was truly amazing. She was signing books after the show, so I got to meet her also. But you had the bonus of meeting Brit! I keep hoping Shirley might come to this neck of the woods again. If so, I will be there!

ShelleyD 02-24-2013 09:18 PM

Thank you Chi and Rob for sharing your experiences here!
I hope to see Shirley's show someday.
So great that you got to meet Brit as well. I hope you will post your photos when you get them! :)

RobKendall 02-25-2013 09:10 AM

Here you go, Shelley.
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Brit, me, Shirley, and my husband, Clark.

sisterlura 02-25-2013 12:45 PM

Oh, what a wonderful photo, Rob!! Thanks so much for sharing it! You all are a-glow!! Fabulous energy in this ~


patswife 02-25-2013 03:52 PM

You all look wonderful! Wish I had been there!

Chi 02-25-2013 04:27 PM

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i "LOVE" my picture! Ha!
Because it captures the animation in Shirley's reaction
to my (Wait! Wait!) moment.
Look how HAPPY you made me, Shirley! Too too funny...
i'm the one in turquoise, Everyone! And that's Diana on the
other side.

sisterlura 02-25-2013 04:41 PM

Ohhhh, this is fabulous, Chi!!! Your smile lights up a room ~ just as I pictured you in my mind! And Shirley's expression ~ priceless!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing -- very cool to think of you & Rob at the same venue ... :D


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