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Harmon s 02-09-2013 03:03 PM

past lives furture lives
S:When we choose a body and make a plan before coming back to earth,there is an agreement with our advisors.
DR:an agreement about what?
S:We agree not to remember other lives.
S:Learning form a blank slate is better than knowing in advance what could happen to you because of what you did before.
DR:But wouldn't knowing about you past life mistakes be valuable in avoiding the same mistakes and pitfalls?
S:If peoeple knew all about their past many might pay too much attention to it rather than trying out new approchade to the same problem.The new life must be taken seriously.But sometimes memories leak through of other lives.Relationships to strong to die or a extreme situation like a bloody battle.

Harmon s 02-10-2013 04:37 PM

From the beginning your ego is desided
Dr:How many
S:I can think of four
DR:what would you call these areas of activity
S:the world without ego;the world of all knowing;the worldof creation and non creation;amd the world of altered time.
DR:are they worlds which exist in our phyical world
S:one does the rest are non dimensional spheres of attention
DR:all right, lets start with the non dimensional spheres of attention
DR:why do you call all these spiritual areas worlds
S:I see them as habiatations for the spiritual world
DR:so three of them are mental worlds
S:yes thats what they are
DR:what is the world without ego
S:its the place learning to be
DR:I have heard it expressed in different ways
S:yes the newly created soul is there to learn who they are.its the place of origin
DR:are the ego identies passed out at random or is there a choice for beginners souls
S:the new soul is not capable of choice .you acquire your character based upon the way your energy is combined put together for you.

Harmon s 02-11-2013 07:21 AM

coming back
Journey of Souls:

case studies:S stands different subjects not the same one.

DR:now that you have had the chance to adjust to your surroundings in the spirit world tell me what effect this place has on you.
S:IF so warm and comforting im relieved to be so far away from earth.I just want to stay here always.There is no tension or worried only a sense of well being.I'm floating how beauitful.
DR:What is next impression as you pass the gateway.
DR:What familiarity
S:People ...friends are here
DR:do you see these people of earth
S:I have sensation of there presence
DR:WHat do you see next
S:lights ...soft.. kind of cloudy like
DR:as you move does it look the same
S:no they growing blobs of energy....and I know they are people
DR:are they drifting towards you or you to them
S:we are together but I am slow as I am uncertain
DR:just relax report what you see
S:I am seeing half human shapes from the waist up and I can see through them
DR:do you see any features
DR:just eyes
S:a trace of a mouth and they are coming all around me......
DR:does each entity have two eyes
S:thats right
DR:do the eyes look human
S:No large black orbs
DR:go on
S:I am starting to recognize them they are sending images into my mind....thoughts about themselves and ....the shapes are changeing into people
S:Yes oh look .....its him
S:she begins to laugh and cry......ITs Larry ,he was my husband from a previous life we were so happy together.

Harmon s 02-12-2013 03:45 PM

spiritual Principles as per human studies
THese principles are gathered from subjects under deep hypnotise.THey come from the other side or life between life.THe same ness of people reporting what they saw turned a doctor who didn't believe into a believer.

1. The soul cannot defined or measured because it has no limits that are perceived about its divine creation.The most consistent reports of the souls demonstrated essence is that it represents intelligent energy that is immortal and manifested by specific vibrational waves of light and color.

Harmon s 02-13-2013 03:39 PM

All human beings have one soul that remains attached to its chosen physical body until death.Souls do play a part in the selection of their of there next physical body during cycles of reincarnation.The soul typically joins its physical body after conception between the fourth and birth.

When the birth is determinated early.Its the soul the cancels this body.It happens often the entitiy wanting to go back and chose another body for some reason.

Harmon s 02-14-2013 06:35 AM

3. attachment
Each soul has a unique immortal character.When conjoined with a human brain, this ego character is melded with the emotional temperament, or human ego,of that body to produce a single but temporary personality for one lifetime.This is what is meant by the duality of our mind.

Harmon s 02-14-2013 06:39 AM

The universial mind is infinate theres always cells breaking off to form new souls and others returning to the source.Not only on this planet but all planets that support life through out the vast universes.The subjects report being on other planets in other lifetimes.

Harmon s 02-24-2013 08:46 PM

4.Past lives tell you what to do
When soul memeory may be hidden from the level of conscious
awareness through amnesia, thought patterns of the soul influ-
ence the human brain to induce motivations for certian actions.

Meaning even if your not awake these past lives drive sub conscious mind.All the past live experiences play a part in your decisions.
If you are awake then flashes of the mind of become more meaning ful.Everyone has them they just shrugg them off.

Harmon s 03-07-2013 09:54 PM

Souls reincarnate with human beings for countless lifetimes to advance through levels of development by addressing karmic tasks from former lifetimes.Each personality every lifetime contributes to the evolution of the soul.Souls grow in knowledge and wisdom throughthis learning process while pondering their thoughts and deeds in past lives under the direction of their spiritual teachers between lives.

Harmon s 04-06-2013 02:46 PM

6.Free will of soul
Our planet is one of an incalculable number of worlds that serve as training schools for the advancement of souls.during tempory physical incarnations on earth, souls are provided an opportunity to advance through trial and error to accumulate wisdom.Human are not bound to a predetermined existence.Various possiblies and proabilities arising from karmic influcences and prior soul contracts are subject to the free will of the soul.

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