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ULLA RUNCHEL 02-09-2013 01:46 AM

Hi dear friends
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Hi to all

I am sitting here looking over the mountains and listing to the birds and the silence...and thinking why so many world wide is open to the spirit world, so many have lots of experiences from inner insight of the cosmic energy, by the 3 eye....stream of universal pictures and messages to oneself, to share with people around us.

We have in many years now learn to use our own abilities to heal and help others by spiritual ways ..and are aware of it is an extra tool to clean the body from illnesses and depressive thoughts.

But why do we receive negative energy when we have a tiny little spot of lack in our soul.....and have to re-start our healing process again and again.

Could it be...if we don't understand why? this is happen "for me"...we have to change this situation we are are into in this moment...look deep in our own situation and understand deep in the core...that what ever it is...have to do something about..even if it is impossible...then we have to dick deep in the SOUL and mIND to come inside the point of our own situation..and THEN can see why....even we are used to heal our-self......sometimes we have to start from the zero point,.....and look within and work with oneself...to see with new eyes.....and then we have the gift our spirituality as an extra tool....to be healed.

So don't forget to heal and believe in this wonderful universal POWER energy we all can use in our daily life...........its not an obvious energy....its a divine gift from a LIGHT source we all can receive...when we take our-self seriously and understand the whole picture.

30 more and less years we have known all this,..we have healed and be a part of a collective energy,.world wide we have done our "work",...our spiritual job ..its an never ending story....but the most wonderful is we are all connected to share and talk about our experiences like here on Shirley`s E.B.,...it makes me thinking of..that I feel so happy when I am around/together with all of you..thus we need to feel this cohesion ..it also healing in the soul..that we are sharing and caring for each other..its a step forward to new inspirations .

I believe everything is meant to be...sometime it can go in slow motion...and then like this morning I learn patience ...that we use our cosmic knowledge different on different levels of universal learning,...and that's why we ....have imbalances know and then....in body, soul andīmind even we are good and great healers etc......and sometimes we could take the time to read within our own .....problems...to come back to the road again,..and that is wonderful we have that extra tools , an extra level The SPIRUALLITY.

Love Ulla

GentleRick 02-09-2013 10:29 AM


Your thought resonates and feels on point. I love your drawing too. When will we write our book together?



ULLA RUNCHEL 02-10-2013 12:03 AM

Hi Rick

So much going on these days...on many levels for all of us,...its the time where we can use our POWER energy, to make the spirit dance LOL,..could be very soon for many to write or talk about the inner story of cosmic knowledge.

I mail you sweetie,...hugs to you,..soon I have to fly to L.A., could be Marts, different people I have to see and share.

Hugs to all here on the board,...I think we are into a wonderful wave by the spiritual journey , a new circle of universal healing, I receive many new ways to heal,..it is very exiting to try new topics,....even the best is still the DIVINE LIGHT,..the core of the universal BRIGHT LIGHT..to regain our body, soul and mind, to be re-born.....love to all

Brit 02-11-2013 11:57 AM

Ulla -
Missing your comments and connected energy dear one. We miss you.

renaissance 02-11-2013 01:39 PM

Beautiful insights dear Ulla.Brings a smile to my face. Let's ride the wave together! be well,Renny

OneLight 02-11-2013 03:53 PM

Hey dear friend, wonderful sharings and reminders for all of us.
Thank You!

Special (((HUGS)))


ULLA RUNCHEL 02-18-2013 02:30 AM

Dear friends
Dear Brit and all

I miss you to,.but remember we are all connected in a circle of light, wisdom and caring for each other....some people have close down the spiritual energy while others have been overload with waves of cosmic information's...and i write so much..do my drawings ,...after face book, twitter, is coming in to our daily lives..we are more "busy" than ever...I think it is a new beginning to many networks we even have understand yet....our own esp abilities have seen ways to be connected...cyberspace is the new world of information to the individuals and teleconferences cross the boarders,...that's why I/my conscious has been many places in the grid/network...around the world..to be "in touch" with so many wonderful person, where I share some of my cosmic info.....but I LOVE to be hug-ed and surrounded by ALL of you on this wonderful and soft encounter board by the members and the people who read what we are sharing,in..Shirley Maclaine`s spirit ,...embraced by other thoughts and knowledge...I learn day by day how we can use more and more our spirituality in many ways to our self and others..........its NOT a coincidence that we receive so many new insight by our own Akashic Records....its all in the tiny billion intelligence photon molecular structure...downloaded from the LIGHT source everything is created by...call it GOD....or what every individuals liked it to call.

And the best thing is: We inhere is a family who cares,..and that make this website so delightful.

Love to all

ULLA RUNCHEL 02-19-2013 11:01 PM

Hi again

I was thinking about: do we use our spirituality in our daily life..us who have know the energy many years...`?..or are we lazy or just don't think so much anymore about it.....or is it a collective wave who driven us into another way of physically behavior ...or do we use the spiritual way of living as a natural thing...that's why we don't talk so much about it anymore.....that we ARE spiritual human being world wide..and are waiting for the next universal information, new skills/topics to start a "new spiritual beginning"?.

I can see and feel how my spirituality is been a normal part of my life,..before I was not aware of how much we could use it to oneself....the cosmic tools is amazing, I talk about our own healing..how I use it more and more like a spiritual gym LOL,....I walk everyday 35-45 min,..and after I by the power of the mind I du an inner exercise to clean up all the negative energy...and let the LIGHT shine up everywhere in my inner network,..listen to classical music..piano or other lovely soft music....thinking of ALL the new wonderful things to happen during the day,....yes we are our own tools to be happy and we can chose to use our spirituality to everything GOOD will happen....for ME today.....even the impossible is POSSIBLE....

Just a thought for the day...

Lovies to all

GentleRick 02-21-2013 08:06 PM


I hug you every day - I am so grateful to know you in this life and in the others. Your sight, your sensitivity, your playfulness and your generosity are just a few things that I value so much.

Like you, I feel connected to MY "spirituality" - the one I have felt since my earliest memories. It has never left me and it is the thing that has saved me from killing myself, saved me from going over the proverbial cliff at times, and continues to show up for me to support and teach.

This spirituality is like getting to know my god-self. Not the spiritual god that is clean and perfect but the messy crazy one that wears black leather pants and chooses to be real. Far from being content sitting silently in the background he is in my face and works through me to hold a mirror for others, should they choose to look. I am busier than ever inviting people to rethink, to put into context, and to take time to consider - while floating through the constant stream of video links, articles, statuses and "likes."

There is so much more information at our fingertips but who really knows how to use all of it? And would they want to know it all? Conversely, what does it mean if one just skims the surface and never takes a dive, never chokes on the water, or allows himself to be carried off in the rapids?

Please come to the U.S. soon. ;-)


ULLA RUNCHEL 03-02-2013 06:22 AM

Hi Dear Rick
Hi Dear lovely friend

Rick...sharing, caring,.learning,..from each other...that's the most wonderful part to be in....our common spirituality with...YOU ,...our dear friends in here..... I am SO happy to know you as well....thank you Rick, keep the good energy in your heart and mind,...I will be in L.A...soon I don't no yet when....so much to talk about again, again....

Wish all of you the most wonderful and happy day,...the spirituality and the cosmic knowledge is just so close to all of us..just open your body, soul and mind to receive it....softly and gentle the universal wisdom by the angles sounds will whispering in your ears...new skills..to share with others..thus it is the time where we can help each others to receive new cosmic understandings by help from each one of us...

love you all

ULLA RUNCHEL 03-03-2013 10:16 AM

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Hi Again

Was thinking of how we are connected all of us....some are not activated into the spiritual journey,...could be one day when we all are aware of we are ONE consciousness, and use the spirituality to act and growth, with this power of love, wisdom and LIGHT,...to make the world a better vibrational place to live in.....when we use the extra sense..the spirit to guide us around in the huge "take away board" by the cosmic knowledge..the more we can use it to do miraculous thing together and for oneself....but the most important is to love your self unconsciously..over and over again...thus when we do this..we can be a brick full of inside power...to do a huge difference,..for YOURSELF,...and when YOU are happy,..and feel a strong energy within you,...everyone around you feel secure and safe,...and on top of that...the person have send a light seed og cosmic info by the new vibrational energy,...

Spirituality is an energy we will feel more and more on another way of living in our daily life....and I think it is because we are more and more aware of we belonging to a huge universal network.....and that grid/network could transmit some kind of impulse vibrations into our body, spirit and mind...more faster than before.

And our own consciousness can reactivate this impulses in our own network, into our neurone in the brains inner network...etc.etc.

And if we are aware of this..we can receive so much cosmic knowledge...what ever we want.....

Love you all

ULLA RUNCHEL 03-24-2013 12:42 AM

Hi all my lovely friends

When we use our spirituality, we can feel in another way like we are connected to a special vibration.....when I am thinking of you I automatically raise my energy and sixth sense,...and then I feel a strong connection with all of you,..when I think of one of you,..i feel another energy in another vibration..could be our brain waves differences make a bio-energetic touch LOL, I don't know if you can "following" me in this...but that's the way we live and use our spirituality... more and more, in our daily life....it will be a "normal" lifestyle..

Remote view...is another form to be in, to use our own way of spiritual behaviour ,over time if we like..can we exercise the consciousness abilities to work with more and more ..so what ever we do its flow in harmony,...with our physically body.

.my thoughts for the day..have a Great day all of you.

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