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Azure 02-07-2013 09:19 AM

Conclusion: Same Email

The guy left last month to relocate in another state.
Apparently he is still with the gf probably still in a dysfunctional relationship despite appearances to everyone else.

He relocated as his gf was given a promotion but as a result had to relocate.The guy lucked out as he applied for and was given a position in a program not far from where she is located for work as well.

He gave me the impression that we'd still connect as friends. I had nothing against his gf, and in fact liked her a lot, so thought well the 3 of us could be friends. Maybe she would even have a male friend that was available and could match make us. Who knows, and with the fact the 2 were in another state so far away what difference would it all make?
But that weasn't meant to be either:

Though the guy left I thought that meant the communication ban was lifted and we would be able to communicate He put a complaint against me to the new supervisor and stated if I attempt any more communication with him that he would press harassment charges on me.

As a result I was suspended from the program. There is an appeal process which I started, and the results will be told to me shortly.
In the meantime I'm on search for a new clinic that takes medicare, and did take several civil service tests, and had a number of interviews. So far I wasn't considered for hiring, but more job orders are flowing in and I have an interview scheduled for the 15th of February., and another on the 21st. I am hoping to be hired soon. I am working at another venue which may manifest within the next 2 weeks. I am crossing my fingers on both issues.

Life goes on.

In conclusion:
despite how things ended I feel this isn't fully over. I feel this guy will return and for some reason contact me, for what I don't know but I just feel it isn 't totally over, but maybe I am wrong at this point. I don't trust him but am always open minded with everything, so time will tell where that is a concern.

My ex and I are back together, and I am trying to forget the indiscretons and repair myself but there is fear, and I don't know what will happen now in my relationship but it is up to him.

Everytyhing falls into place at the proper time and things happen for a reason...so time will tell.

Right now as my bf states it is all on the back burner.He has some psychic insight and has told me several things that may happen from a psychic perspective, but time will tell.

This chapter is not ended but it may not end for a couple of years...not sure what will happen now. Just have to wait.

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