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Azure 02-07-2013 08:02 AM

sad ending to a positivebeginning
People always are changing, and with me it seems the people I am around change for the worse. The last scenario lasted for abou a year and a half...started out great but fizzled. Things are about to change now, and for the better.

This is a scenario that occured at the Fountain House program with me and a male staff member.
I am posting here to vent. I realize now this has had something to do with a past life relationship but how where or why is beyond
me at this point. I do not have money to explore past lives at this point in time. My life, as a result of something good or seemingly good gone bad is again stagnated. This is a relationship post so it should be appropriate!
This was an Email to someone who outright lied to me when there was no reason to. At the time I realized this person despite appropriate credentials etc is quite unstable despite how he came off to other people. I saw things in a different lite, but the feelings are strong and despite outcome are still there, though I am fighting it all off!

Jan 18th, 2012:

I am Emailing as I want to clear the air with you so we end up on the right page.

1st: you know after I confided in you with all the crap my former bf put me through that I ended up letting you know how I felt towards you and you ended up flirting with me. I didn't think anything of it because I guess I felt you are a good guy and you like my ex are very sexy. The thing is to my knowledge I never had anyone flirt with me before.
I am not stupid and realize I am not like your gf having men
knocking down my door or at least that is my perception of her because she is very beautiful. For me dating has been far and few until I met Peter. I usually had met guys through the personals before internet dating including my children's fathers. l guess that is why in my teens I had such a mad crush on C. as he was the only man whoever gave me any kind of male attention.
YOU: kept giving me inuendos that gave me the impression that there was a possibility of us being togehter even after the meeting the two of us had with our supervisor - even though the flirting stopped. I knew you were having a hared time with your gf as she was thinking of recounciling with her husband. You wanted to see if you and I were compatible. I don't know if we are or not, but the job never ended as you thought ikt was going to, and around thatg time youj and your gf recounciled. I tried to recouncil with my ex several times, but at that time he didn't want to stop dating other women. He is a lot younger than me and like you I didn't/don't have the time to fool around. I wanted relationship filled with growth and that just wasn't happening.
My ex refused to try and change but he doesn't have anyone - no siblin gs and his Dad is up in age as is your parents. Since his Mom passed 3 1/2years ago things haven't been great or good for my ex. I am still with him at this point because of obligation as you are with your ex. I know things are again spiraling down for you in your relationship

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