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Chi 02-13-2013 04:59 PM

Just to change the subject a bit;
I was reading thru the homepage today and there's a link there
that takes you to all of Shirley's books and the link states:
"My Books - Truthful Expressions of Myself as I Grow and Learn and Mature"

Amen to that! And maybe MORE than that! Because they help others
find expression in themselves. They show others a way to get the
inner core of themselves. Lord knows 'Don't Fall Off the Mountain"
was a very profound and magical one for me. It set me on the
most wonderful journey back to myself and even beyond myself.
All i gotta say is you're a class act in my book, Ms MacLaine.
i don't know why... but sometimes when i'm posting it just seems
right to call you Ms MacLaine. I hope you don't mind.

Loa 02-13-2013 05:35 PM

Dear Shirley

I´m so sorry this is happening to you

I don´t have children but I do have parents. They have not always done things in the perfect way .. I think no parent does. But I know that everything they have done or not done regarding their children has been made in good belief and intensions , they have always tried the best they can from time to time and I know they love me.

I sincerely hope things will work out between you and your daughter. Things like this should be solved in a more healthier way then your daughter is doing. Things like this should be solved within the family. I hope she will realise that very soon Shirley.

You are my lady and I am so grateful for many good things you and your writings have brought to my life

like someone here said , try to keep your head high through this wave and find your strenght.

I will send you my best energy, thoughts and prayers

Love and hugs,

Chi 02-13-2013 08:17 PM

i just wanted to add that ALL of your books are beautiful,
ALL of them. i've read them ALL. And can't wait for the next one.
You are a great inspiration to so many; SO MANY... Ms MacLaine.
When i was a kid, i wasn't allowed to call my elders by their
first name (even when they insisted that i could).
Remember those days? Ha! i guess now and then, i draw on that.

tecrow 02-15-2013 06:34 PM

"A Return to Love"
Hi Shirley,

Something is going on with families; sisters are turning on sister, brothers are turning on brothers. It has happened in my family. Just remember Marianne Williamson's book "A Return to Love." It is a great book to read (or re-read, as is probably the case for you) when you have been hurt or betrayed.

Forgive me for saying this, but that picture of you and your daughter on the cover of the book is the most gorgeous and adorable picture of a mother and daughter I have ever seen! You both look like angels!

You will probably write a great book on emotional healing as a result of this, and believe me, there are families that are going through similar things, just not as publicly devastating.

This too will pass, but it will take some time, years actually, unless you are proactive.

I am not any one to talk -- I have big time issues going on myself in my own family. A lot of us do and a lot of us really do feel your pain.

In Sisterhood,

Angelwings1 02-16-2013 05:26 PM

Heart felt hugs Shirley
Dear Shirley

I would like to take this chance to tell you I think you did the best..as a mother
I no what you are going through I have a mother just this Christmas saw me after 15 years and ran out of the store...she did this twice in one month,,
You are truly an amazing woman....who has done her very best..

Brightest Blessing

AW :)

hamntomato 04-28-2013 09:19 PM

When you spoke of Betrayal... Deb, it made me think of my mother, she betrayed me too.. I still get very sad when I think of it. Never protecting me when I needed it, never ever telling me she loved me. Whipping me with a belt for not eating spinach. Locking me outside on saturday afternoons. Always sticking up for my brothers.... Lies..It has been a very tough battle to get through it all, so many messed up people. Are we ever gonna ask why is it that so many are like this...? Why so much betrayal, violence, chaos?
I think it is to make us turn to the creator. If we don't turn to our spiritual books and find order we will never make it. We do not make the rules, the creator does, it is called natural law and the constitution is based on it. Inalienable rights do not give us carte blanche to run roughshod over law. One way or another we will wake up..... Tomato

Cushings 04-29-2013 09:53 AM


Such a sad sucko-drama, Shirley, you should direct/star in a film about your Real Life, love your talent for directing in Bruno, brilliant, and bring the truth to film, maybe that would straighten out your daughter’s fictional life, so sorry to hear of your heartbreak, every blessing.


PAULA CAMPOS 04-29-2013 05:01 PM

I remember watching Shirley in a musical production in Tottenham Court Road here in London years ago and captivated the audience with singing and dancing.

The stamina for someone at age over fifty was quite amazing, the energy like out of this world. I truly enjoyed it. EVERYTHING! But let me tell you, the warmth in that heart shined thru and I loved the part when sitting on a stool SM chats to us and then proudly shows the crowd in the theatre a photo of Sachi from her handbag.

What a beautiful moment from a multi dimensional character who loves everyone.

Norma Rae 04-29-2013 07:46 PM

Thank you
Thank you for posting this response from Shirley, Brit. While my mother and I certainly do not have a strong connection, I know she has only wanted the best (in her eyes) for me--even if that comes in the form of trying to pray my gay away. So, from Shirley's response to the pain her daughter has inflicted, I will try to be more mindful of my treatment of my own mother and will try to treat her a little bit better and with a little more care and respect even if we are worlds apart on so many levels.

Thank you for the reminder.

Two hands together from the Smoky Mountains,

Peace to all...

Norma Rae 05-10-2013 11:14 AM

P.S. (5-10-13): As I fly in for a quick visit with my own parents (see note above) on Mothers Day weekend (on my way to Las Vegas for work), mothers and daughters (sounds like a D.H. Lawrence novel) are on my mind. I am reminded of this thread, as well as the thread updating us on the recent peaceful crossing of Brit's mother.

With all this on my mind, I am also in the throes of reading The Camino for the first time and came across the following sentences, which reminded me of this thread and our oftentimes inadequate human skills to communicate with those whom we chose--at some point--to be with us in this incarnation.

With those thoughts, I simply post these poignant sentences here for your consideration:

"She said she had played a previous message of mine for my daughter, Sachi. She said Sachi had cried because she didn't understand why I was doing this. Sachi had never understood me or the search I was on. Well, I thought, who could understand it?" (p. 126)

love and light and two hands together.

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