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Harmon s 02-03-2013 09:17 PM

area 51
I'm going to Las Vegas and desided to go to area 51 even though I know theres nothing to see.Just to say I was there, because I have seen so much about it.New Mexico Dulce and Roswell on the list.
I have seen all the programs with proof positive about visitors and there vacationing at Dulce new mexico and there labs.Why they would want to live here is beyound me although maybe like globe warming ........you know what I mean.Causing a shift in earths axes and so on.
"Fearless leader we gotten the temperture up to 110 degrees."
"Good perfect us lizard peope.Over"
The problem with photos today is they are all digible and easily dubbed.

beana 02-04-2013 07:29 AM

Every day I pray for a Messiah to come to help free the grey-human hybrids kept in bondage in underground bases like Dulce. My hope is that the hybrids break free of their cruel reptilian overlords and settle on the surface. Then they will be able to fulfill their destiny and help co-create the 5th root race.

Harmon s 02-21-2013 07:48 PM

Dr Steven Greer
If you haven't heard of him check out youtube.He's been around since the early 90s getting together doc's and witness etc.Has met the The CLintons and the Bushes and current guy.Many heads of state.When showed the doc's and taped witness Hillary who was sec. of state."Stop right there this is todangerous."The comment Bill Clinton said he asked when he was president and said he didn't have the need to know.CIA doesn't even know when DR Greer got ahold of currnet guy he was surprised because he didn't even have a clue.Can secret government behind our government operate with no checks and balances for 60 plus? Yes under the cover of national defense,can't have congress butting in exposing the next fighter plane to public so another nation can copy it.Thats what they say,seems to work and has worked all these years.

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