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Basia 01-03-2013 07:33 PM

Galactic wave
Dear Hearts

When I was in Peru on 10 November 2011 we had meditation. During this meditation I saw our galaxy but than the normal horizontal picture of our galaxy fliped and I was seeing it as in vertical line like a plate drying after washing.

Than the plane of the galactick plate became like a letter "S" and it started shaking as if it was dancing, the bend lines were expeling some kind of energy.

Than I saw as from the centre of in the midlle of this galaxy a double pairs of bubles were extending out making this incredible nice patern of galaxy shape.

In that meditation I was told that what I saw was a Galactic Wave.

So today I saw this news on FB and I thought about that galactic wave meditation just before our 11-11-11 Machu Pichu visit.

Here is link to that website info:

and this site:

I also found this interesting info about a bublles in centre of galaxy, coincidende? or what....

Here is link to my new blogspot for 2013 that I felt to name Galactic Wave:

Wolfdog 01-23-2013 05:12 PM

For Basia
Thank you Basia. The photos you shared are magnificent.
It is very cool that you got a"sneak preview" !


Basia 02-09-2013 01:29 PM

Originally Posted by Wolfdog
Thank you Basia. The photos you shared are magnificent.
It is very cool that you got a"sneak preview" !


Thank you Wolfdog.

Today New Moon and New Chinese Year and I am driving to country cottage that I rent 300km south of Sydney near Young. May be away from internet for some time as the connection there is week but sometimes I use library computers in near town. As I look at the pictures from US about snow storm they are prity but I am glad I live in Australia which is green almost all year.
Yes we have the fires, hot days and floods sometimes but my feet are warm not like I was growing up in Poland. Hope that the Sun will shine in your part of the woods. Loving you All. Basia

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