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beana 01-02-2013 09:15 AM

Dulce New Mexico
I had a dream recently about a woman in the early 1900's who wanted to go to Europe. The only way she could get there was if she married a man who was from there. She didn't want to do that. I looked on the list and saw the person she could marry was Nikola Tesla. I excitedly told her that she should marry him because he is a genius. As I was waking up from the dream, I heard the words Fulva Grow and ammonia. These are the two ingredients I sprayed on my friend's lawn and gardens this past summer.

This got me thinking if only my karma had been different and I had become a scientist. Maybe I would have gotten a job in the underground laboratory beneath Dulce, New Mexico, doing top secret government research. This is my story.

After another night of restless sleep, I found myself in the lab underneath Dulce. I found myself with the same dilemma: The task of creating people with super remote viewing capabilities.

My colleagues and I, through much research, had deduced that if people could assimilate high amounts of the chemical DMT, their psychic abilities could be increased a 1000 fold. The only problem was that the high amounts of DMT destroyed the pineal gland, making the test subjects unable to perform remote viewing. A solution to the problem of enhancing the pineal gland was through a genetically modified tick. When inserted into the pineal gland, the tick was able to assimilate the high dosage of DMT. This caused the test subjects to perceive things beyond their wildest dreams.

They were able to perceive the location of the missile silos the Chinese had built in Tibet. We thought that we had made a major breakthrough, but the test subjects, who had been trained by the military, got sick and died. The autopsies showed that they had all died of Lyme disease. The ticks that had been genetically modified with microbes from deep sea vents carried the disease. The super ticks made the disease more potent, killing the test subjects in about six weeks.

After many months of brainstorming, a solution was found. The solution was to create humans who are immune to Lyme disease. The way to do this is by creating hybrid humans. The creature that they would be hybridized with was, surprisingly, the Big Foot. The US military had captured one years ago and it was discovered that through analyzing the blood that the Big Foot had a natural immunity to Lyme disease.

beana 01-21-2013 11:21 AM

The problem with trying to create Big Foot/Human hybrids was that they only lived a few years and had low intelligence. The hybrids never learned to speak. This information came from native American accounts of women who had been impregnated by Big Foot through the millenia. Their babies only lived a few years and they never learned to speak. Having read Zecheria Sitchin's books, I believed his hypothesis that humans were genetically engineered by the Annunaki. I knew that if the Annunaki created us, there must be a way of creating a Human/Big Foot hybrid that is intelligent and has a long life span. I found my answer in a book my brother lent my by Kyron, a channeled entity. He talked about our junk DNA and that it was given to us by the Pleiadians. I thought that by getting some more Pleiadian DNA, I might be able to use it to make a better hybrid - one that lived longer and was more intelligent.

The military had some skeletons of a race of giants that had been found in the Gobi Desert. They had been found in the '80's by different archeologists. The US military got those skeletons by making a deal with the Chinese government. In order for Apple Computer to build its factories in China, one stipulation was that China had to give the US some of the giant skeletons they had unearthed. Military scientists had studied them, but could find no use for them and put them in storage.

I think that they knew that the skeletons were of ET origin but after thousands of years being buried in the desert, they contained no viable DNA. They were put in storage. I had a skeleton brought to the underground base in Dulce.

I had an idea which was a long shot. The military had a device using cold fusion that simulated the Hadron Collider and that could produce the "God particle". This is a phase/shift particle or field where light becomes dense enough to take on mass and weight. Through my study of metaphysics, i realized that through the power of intention that the God particle could be used to revive some of the DNA found in the bone marrow of the giant skeletons. I knew that if you could access the fifth dimension, you can free yourself from the laws of the third, which are time and space dynamics. This frees you to be able to manifest your intentions directly into the fabric of what you want to manifest. I thought by using the power of the remaining remote viewers, who hadn't died, I would intend the God particle to bring the Giant's DNA back to life.

caged 01-21-2013 01:11 PM

Very interesting post. Do you have more
information on this subject?:)

beana 02-20-2013 11:39 AM

The fusion reactor was turned on which created a process similar to the Hadron collider. This created such a strong centrifuge, that after a few hours the God particle started to appear. In the chamber next to this, the bones of the giants were kept in an airless container. Watching through a computer screen, I knew it was almost time to open the valves to the accelerator and to direct the God particles to fuse with the bone marrow of the giants.

The remote viewers were in the room, sitting and ready for me to give the OK signal. There were only seven remaining of fifty who had not died from Lyme disease. They were kept alive by daily blood infusions and a cocktail of drugs similar to the one used by Lance Armstrong. Each one was given a glass of liquid which contained DMT. The liquid contained different herbs which kept the DMT from being destroyed by acids in the stomach. On an empty stomach the mixture would effect them in minutes. They had been briefed about the project and practiced the visualization technique to move the God particles to the bone marrow and fuse them with the DNA in the bone marrow. As the remote viewers were drinking the liquid, an acupuncturist started sticking needles in them to stimulate their third eye. Through the screen, I saw that it was time. I gave the signal, and the valve was opened. The remote viewers started chanting, "One mind, One trance", and I kept staring into the computer screen. After about an hour, they were instructed to stop their visualizations and to open their eyes. They were given something to drink and then led back to their rooms to rest. The lab techs took the bone marrow to another room where it was analyzed under an electron microscope. When I looked into the microscope, I knew that a miracle had taken place. The DNA was alive.

The DNA was quickly taken into another room that held the Bigfoot DNA. The two were fused together. Hopefully, this combination, when implanted into a human egg, would produce a race of super remote viewers.

caged 02-21-2013 11:28 AM

Thanks. ths is a very interesting subject.

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