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GentleRick 01-01-2013 09:55 PM

It is very wet outside here in Northern California...so we have these little black/brown ants that are coming in where it is warm.

Does anyone have suggestions for a humane practice for deterring them from my bedroom? I never have food in here. They're just investigating a lot of things. There's so many I can't avoid killing some just by moving, stepping etc.

Ants are clean - meaning they do not enter areas where there is human waste the way cockroaches do - so I don't mind sharing my space. There here whether I see them or not. But I would like for them to move on if that is all possible.


Brit 01-02-2013 10:30 AM

Try an equal parts corn starch and corn meal mixture around the exterior of the house. They don't cross it for some reason. ???? :confused:

It's worked every time I have used it in every location. Just a thin unbroken line will keep them out.

becca1 01-02-2013 02:32 PM

Hi Gentle Rick. I've had some luck w/ cinnamon sticks and cloves - they don't like either. Also, if you can find where they are coming in, spraying vinegar in those areas helps (but don't spray the ants w/ it - they will suffocate). Good luck and Happy New Year.

ShelleyD 01-04-2013 11:28 PM

Great advice. I will remember this for future reference.
I had a horrible time with ants in CA and yes, they came in the bedroom, and I did not have this good advice... so I took a bowl and put some sugar in there and stuck it in the other room. Everyone was happy and in the morning with gloves on I put the bowl outside. We had a little system going on.

So far I have been lucky in Vegas...no ants and for all of us with fur babies a dream come true....no fleas!! :D

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